>Apostles and Prophets


Erskine Holt (articles used by permission)
>Church Foundations
>The Gift of Tongues
>On Revival
>The God Head
>Three Prayers
>Erskine Holt at J!CF

>The Prophetic Realm
>Days of Daylilies
>Liquid Gold
>The Bride
>The Bride and the Bridegroom!
>Call To War!
>Prepare for war!
>The Bear
>Three Trials
>Through The Door
>The Trumpet Sounds
>A Vision of the Vineyard

Below are articles from prophetic ministries in other parts of the Body of Christ. We have been very blessed and enriched by these words from the Lord Jesus and desire to share them with you:

Bob Jones and Paul Keith Davis (articles used by permission)
>What is the Shepherd's Rod?
>Shepherd's Rod 1995
>Shepherd's Rod 1997
>Shepherd's Rod 1998
>Shepherd's Rod 1999
>Shepherd's Rod 2000
>Shepherd's Rod 2001
>At His Feet
>Eye Of The Eagle II
>Testing Of Righteousness
>Identifying Spiritual Strongholds
>Our Biblical Bill Of Rights
>Outside The Walls
>Psalm 13
>Spirit Of The Nicolaitans
>The Remnant Seed
>An Ungodly Stream
>The Lord's Heart For Intercession
>Do Not Fear Nor Be Dismayed
>The Ox, Eagle, Lion and Man
>Back To The Future - The Apostolic Ministry of John G. Lake
>The Baseball Game
>Water To The Knee
>The Mercies of David
>Repentance Righteousness Power Evangelism