by Deborah Maniatty

It happened during a recent time of worship at our minstrel practice. We were ministering unto the Lord and His Presence was so sweet. Regina burst forth in prophetic song and I was drawn into an even deeper intimacy with my Lord and King.

While there with Him He chose to reveal Himself again to me in His gentle, quiet way. I began to see a flower form, taking the shape of a lily. I saw that the color was a soft shade of violet-blue. As the song progressed, singing of our longing to drink from His cup, the color deepened to wine and the flower resembled a beautiful, delicate stemmed goblet.

Suddenly I saw before me a whole field and hillside covered with these lilies. They ran before me, as far as my eye could see. And, of course, the sky was blue.

As I looked upon that scene, the Lord began to speak to my heart. He said that the flowers were DAYlilies and that the color represented the wine of His Spirit. He was showing me that we are to drink deeply of Him every single day. Just as the daylily lasts but a day, so the wine of the Spirit lasts us but a day.

Each morning a new daylily opens and is fresh and vibrant and beautiful. So it is with the Lord. We must seek Him and drink the new wine daily. As we do this our relationship with Him will remain fresh and vibrant and wholly beautiful, truly a sweet fragrance unto Him whom our hearts love.