Jubilee! Christian Fellowship - Morrisville, VT - October 17, 2000


It’s been quite a while at my being here. but I'm so glad to see some people that I wondered what happened to. Brother Kirk, I sat at his house in Springfield a long tome ago.

I just recently returned from my seventieth year anniversary from my high school graduation class. They said “we’re so glad you’re here, we didn’t have anybody to pronounce the invocation for the food “. Amen. I was wondering at home and talking to my wife, “How many people do you s’pose will be there?” She says,“not very many.” Actually, there were 19 and 5 had not shown up. They had other things they had to do. People seem to be living a little bit longer—at least some. And I’m thankful to God for the privilege of still being able to go on with the Lord. I still go to foreign fields, I still minister around the country, and Jack and I have been traveling together because we are a fulfillment of a scripture: “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord shall deliver him out of them all.” We’re healthy in the Lord, not so healthy in the body.

But I feel the Lord has permitted me to live because I have found something. And it began a long time ago when I got saved. The Lord made it real that the most important thing in the universe is Himself. And I purposed in my heart to find out all I could about all the members of the Godhead. And I studied much, tried to find types and I've had some beautiful revelations of the very nature of God as He has given through the Spirit and through natural representations.

I’d like to introduce you to one revelation that I think is the most simple, and yet profound. And that is that the lowly banana is a beautiful picture of God. I don’t know how many of you have noticed it, you women when you cook with bananas, but if you peel a banana and cut the top off and then very carefully stick your finger down through it, it will divide in to 3 equal parts. Three equal parts, yet one banana—that’s God. Amen.

Something happened when I was in seminary. One day we were in a chapel service and all at once I saw in a vision a multicolored carpet going up to heaven. And I followed it. And it seemed to be when I got up to heaven it became a revelation of what was happening at that time (we were in this service praying about certain things) and it was a fountain and there began to be floods of water coming from streams. And angels came with buckets to catch the streams which were the prayers of the saints. I knew that was in the book of Revelation so I said “Wonderful.” And I said, “God, I’d like to see an angel.” He rebuked me. He said, “You want to see an angel, wait till you see Me.” So, in my heart was a longing to see Him as He really is.

On January the 20th, 1962, He appeared in my bedroom as a man, nothing special, just a man. And I thought, what in the world is a man doing in my bedroom 2 o’clock in the morning? And then He began to be transfigured before me and I was frightened. It’s a frightening thing to come into the manifest presence of the Almighty. And when He began to get brighter and brighter and brighter I became more frightened. I began to question in my heart. I can’t die Lord. I’m married and I have 2 children, and besides, my wife needs me. He didn’t say a word, He just kept glowing brighter and brighter and brighter until He was bright as the noon day sun. Just before He left, I cried out, “Eli, Eli.” which is really “My God, my God.” I had the same revelation that doubting Thomas had when he said, “My Lord and my God.”

I then began to seek the Lord for more revelation and knowledge and whatever He chose to give about Himself. I had read many books, but books didn’t give the revelation that I wanted. I wanted reality. And so I began to seek God. And I found a basic principle at that time that God began to reveal. He said, “If you want to know more about me you’re going to have to grow up.” Because so many people remain babes in Christ. They don’t grow up. Yet the natural is a picture of the spiritual. Any married couple when they have a baby, the baby is cute. I just recently had a granddaughter born and she’s cute. She’s 1 and 3/4 years now and busy chasing around the house jabbering, “I like to habu with you.” Now of course she doesn’t know what habu means, but it means she wants to get close to me. She has another word which is tight. I’ll come home from traveling with Jack and she’ll see me and smile and say, “Tight, grampa, tight.” She means she wants to be held tight. And that’s wonderful. But when she’s 25, I’m not going to goo-goo with her. We say, “Of course not, they grow up.” That’s a picture of what God wants. God wants us to grow up. He lets us be a baby for a while but He wants us not to stay there. He wants us to grow up.

And so the Bible says lay aside the basic revelations of salvation and redemption and go on to perfection. That word in the Greek means to be grown up, mature. And there are many scriptures that emphasize the point that there must be progression in the life of a believer if he is to please God or if he is to receive from God the revelation of Himself on a higher plane. I’m going to read or quote a lot of scriptures tonight and I trust you’ll put it down because some of the things you may or may not have received.

One of the greatest scriptures in the Bible concerning the progressive revelation of God is found in the 17th chapter of John. Now one of the things I learned about the Lord Jesus is the fact that He is 100% human. Which means He has all of the desires that any human has. A lot of people think of Him as the Son of God in the sense of being deified. But the Bible says He grew, as a baby, He grew in favor with God and man. And He didn’t reach His perfection, Jesus was not born perfect. He was born sinless. He became perfect by the things which He suffered during His growing up. And when He reached the place when He said to God, “Not my will, but Thine be done.” He had grown to the point where He could be offered up as a sacrifice for the sins of the world.

On earth, Jesus did not have all power. His power was limited to the will of the Father. He said I can’t do anything on mine ownself, I can do nothing. But I see the Father do or what he says to me either His word, that I do. And He said I can do nothing. He goes on to say, “You can do nothing without me.” And I found that the relationship between the son of God as man and the Father or the Trinity is the same relationship that exists between Jesus and us. We are to Him, in a sense, what He is to God. And I thought, this is it! I’ve seen the Lord, now I just need to grow up. But He had more to say to me.

So in 1979, I took a group of 16 people to Colombia, South America, and there in the Lapel Hotel in Cartagena God said, “You have thought that you had divine love,” He said, “ I blessed you with brotherly love cause you were honest and sincere.” But He said,”There is a vast difference between brotherly love and divine love.” He said,”You can give forth brotherly love, it’s a commandment, for you love the brethren.” We get the same thought in the church in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. And that was such a tremendous saying, that we opened up and when we did, we were slain. We hit the sand, 16 of us. And from that time on we were never the same.

God sent me home and my family cried when they saw me cause they knew something had happened. It was not the end, but it was two high points. The desire to see the Lord in a form was the point He made at the beginning. But the second revelation was not , it was all in the Spirit.

What I found in my searching of the things of God in the Word and from experience was the fact that people do not rightly divide the Word of Truth. The Old Testament was written for the benefit of the natural man and that’s why they had food laws and everything else. But what people have done in the church, by and large, is to mix the two for a mixture of law and grace. Sometimes we’re trying to earn things from God and sometimes we recognize we can’t touch it.

I remember one time God gave me a scripture in 2 Corinthians 7:1 For it said “Cleanse yourself from all filthiness of the flesh and Spirit, thus perfecting holiness in the fear of God”. And I did my level best to obey that scripture and I couldn’t do it. I had never had such ungodly thoughts in my life. And I said “Lord, I can’t do it”. And He said, “I know.” I said, “What did you put it in the Bible for?” He said, “So you would find out you couldn’t do it and would come to the throne of grace and find help in time of need.” And that proved something to me: that I better bring more and more of God into the picture, allow Him to come into the picture, instead of trying to perfect myself by much prayer and everything else.

And I found a lot of places where I went people thought that noise was the thing that pleases God. And I found, it’s not. It’s faith. And the strange thing is it’s not your faith, It’s His faith. And the only way you’re gonna get that kind of faith, is to get close to the Lord Jesus.

It’s amazing what profound misunderstandings we’ve had of the scriptures. Many people are guilty of what is known as Bibliology. They worship the Bible. The brother that read the scripture from Romans 8:28 and 29 a while ago, you’re sitting back there...I want you to read John’s gospel chapter 5, verses 39 and 40. Listen closely. “Verse. 39-’You search the scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; it is these that bear witness of me;’ verse 40-’and you are unwilling to come to Me so that you may have life.’”(scripture read by the brother). Life is not in the scriptures. Life is in the person the scriptures talk about. So what God is saying, you need to get the same revelation that Paul got. At the end of his life, he said, “Oh that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His suffering be made conformable unto His death if by any means I might attain to the resurrection of the dead.” What he was saying was, I want to be like Jesus. And he knew it took God and it took the power of God for the change. So at the end of his life his cry was that I may know Him. I want to read another scripture to you from 2 John, in the New Testament, and we’ll come back to John 17. Chapter 2, 1John, sorry. I want you to know the three stages that really point to the Trinitarian value of God. Beginning with verse 12, “I write unto you little children because your sins are forgiven you for His name’s sake.” He goes on to say in verse 13, “I write unto you little children cause you have known the Father.” Then He talks about the second class, the young people, the young men. He says, “I write unto you, young men,” verse 13b, “cause you have overcome the wicked one. I write unto you young men,” verse 14, “I have written unto you young men cause you are strong. The word of God abideth in you and you have overcome the wicked one.” But notice what it talks about when it mentions the fathers, the older ones, the ones who have grown up a little bit. In verse 13, “I write unto you fathers cause you have known Him that is from the beginning.” He repeats the same thought in verse 14 in the first part , “I have written to you fathers cause you have known Him that is from the beginning.” Maturity is by the Spirit of God as you get acquainted with the miracle of the mystery of God in Jesus Christ. What God began to show me was the fact that Jesus is the God of time. That’s where He incurs the titles that He does: I Am the First and the Last, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. Everything begins with Christ and everything ends with Christ. And that covers the time continuum. God wants us to recognize that. And the people that really are going towards the goal that God lays down are people that wind up just knowing Him. It is not how many miracles that are performed through your ministry. It is that you know Him. That’s the key—it’s to know the Lord.

And the word ‘know’ in the scripture applies not to knowledge about the Lord but and intimate acquaintanceship with the Lord. In a Spanish Bible it is ‘conocer’ not ‘saber’. Saber means to know about Him. But conocer means to be one with Him. It’s the same word that is used in marriage. A man knew his wife. When we know Him, we know Him who is the important One.

This bible is written about Jesus Christ. It’s the Lord Jesus. One morning I was meditating and Jesus said to me, He said,”I knew before man was created what a hard time that we’d have.” So He said,”I became a man to show him the way.” He said, “I am the Way, I am the Truth, I am the Life,” He is the perfect man.

Our brother read from Roman 8:28 and 29, and other scriptures with it. The divine purpose of God is found in Romans 8:28-29, “All things work together for good to those that love God who are called according to His purpose.” Not yours. His purpose. “For whom He did foreknow, He did predestine, to be conformed to the image of His Son, that he might be the first born among many brethren.” What God is after is a family. And He wants a family of sons, not babies. He loves babies. Any one loves babies. But what He wants is for those babies to grow up. He says, let us go on to perfection. Let us go on. Not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works and faith toward God, doctrine of baptism and so forth. But He said we are to move towards perfection which is another word for maturity.

But He also knows at the same time, you can only grasp truth where you are. If you think, for example, that all God wants today is the salvation of souls, that’s where you are. But that is not the whole picture. That’s just a step in the great plan of God.

In James it tells us, the husband hath long patience for the fruit of the earth and hath long patience for it until he receives the early and the latter rain. God wants people saved. you’re not going to get anywhere with God if you are not saved. You have to first be born and then you go through spiritually the same thing you go through naturally. You get different, you know more, you’re more responsible. And then when you become an adult, the law will hold you responsible and people will hold you responsible. God wants His children to grow up. Now it’s alright to be a child for a while, but He wants us to grow up. And that will not come automatically, it comes by desire. God has to cause you to do that. For example in 2 Corinthians 3:17 it says “the Lord is the Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. But we all beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord are changed into the same image from glory to glory.” It was by the Spirit of the Lord. The one that changes you and transforms is the Holy Spirit. And that’s another name for the Lord Jesus.

1Corinthians 15:45 tells us that the first man Adam became a living soul, the last Adam, a quickening Spirit. We hear people say you know where Jesus is? He’s at the right hand of the Father and they stop. Where’s the Father? Everywhere! Where’s Jesus? Everywhere! What we have done is because we haven’t pressed for the whole picture. We think of Jesus in a physical way. Now He had a body but that’s not what He wants in you. It’s Christ in you, the hope of glory. And that’s Christ as Spirit. He’s the One you need to get acquainted with.

Sanctify the Lord God in your heart, and be ready with an answer for those that ask for the reason for the hope, that lies where? Within you! When I discovered, it came as a blow to me, that we as God’s people act like Old Testament Christians with New Testament revelation. We say God come down and bless us, bless us tonight. Have you ever heard that? It’s wrong. God doesn’t come down. He comes out. We say come down. He says let Me out! Out of your innermost being shall flow rivers of living water. It’s Christ in you, the hope of glory. And when you see that, then you begin to say, maybe I've missed it over here too. That’s what I found. I found a lot of things I was doing, was not according to scriptures. It was according to tradition.

And one of the mistakes that was made was the fact we take refuge in numbers. If we can just get a whole group of people together and pray, then we’ll get what we want from God. What God said to me in Medellin, Colombia, South America, He said,” My quorum is 2 or 3.” He said” everyone you add to that group, it makes it harder to have unity”. If any two agree, or any three, that’s where the power is. And that means, then, that you are in church wherever you go. Because the church is not a building. The church is the temple of the Holy Spirit. And we’re all members of that.

I began to find things that were contrary to what I had been taught. What will I accept? What God has shown? Which He backs up with the word of God? Or shall I believe the tradition? One of the things I have squawked abut for years is the fact that we leaders will tell people, “Let’s stand up and praise the Lord.” Where do you find that in the Bible? It’s not there. On the day of Pentecost, they were sitting weren’t they? We accept tradition.

God wants us to prove. He said, “Study to show thyself approved, rightly dividing the word of truth.” And you don’t have to be as old as I am to know a little bit more than you did years ago. God can speak anytime in your life if you listen. As a matter of fact, the Bible teaches very specifically from the book of Amos in the 8th verse: in the last days there will be a famine, not of bread and all that, there’ll be a famine of hearing the word of the Lord. We’re deaf! And I found that’s the big trouble. People don’t hear the Lord. They only hear what they want to hear. And that’s not sufficient. Not sufficient at all.

Well, here in the 17th chapter of John (this is one of the most vital scriptures that I have found in my life—John 17). And here’s the setting: Jesus is talking from His humanity, because on earth He was a man. In the first verse He said these words, “Jesus lifted up His eyes to heaven, and said, ‘Father, the hour has come: glorify Thy Son, that Thy Son also may glorify Thee, as thou has given Him.’” Given Him? You don’t give God anything—He has it. But Jesus as a man, was crying out to the Trinity. He says,”as Thou hast given Him power over all flesh, that He should give eternal life to as many as Thou hast given Him.” And as I was reading this, I heard this sort of stop: find out what that really means. And I found 2 scriptures, one here and one in the 8th chapter of Isaiah in 18th verse, where Jesus is speaking of us. And He said “I and the children Thou hast given Me are for signs and wonders in the midst of Israel from the Lord of Hosts who dwelleth in Zion.” We are basically children of God. The Bible says so. But by adoption we have been given to the Lord Jesus who has a job to do and that job is to make you like Him so He can give you back to the Father. Because, ultimately, everything goes back to God. Everything! If you seek the Lord, He will give you scripture background for every true revelation He gives you. And sometimes it’s contrary to what you’ve been taught.

I was taught how to be a good member of my denomination when I went to school. But I found that they had put a box around God. And they didn’t see a lot of things they should have seen. I went back to the churches later after I began to move on with God and I found out they’re still saying the same thing they were saying 25 years ago. That’s not progress. Because we have to go through change.

The scripture He gave me to loose me is found in Malachi 3:6. He said ”I change not.” And then He whispered in my ear, “therefore you’ll have to.” We don’t like to change. We like to be comfortable; we like to be blessed; we like to have good feelings. But really, the secret is to please God. Because I found a truth in the Bible that God does not exist for our pleasure. We exist for His. But what are we doing? We’re always taking pleasure for us.. We want a good feeling, we’ll have a rousing song service, a great ministry or something so that we get pleased. And God becomes to us a tank of water or bread for our benefit.

We sing our songs for example, the bulk of them come from the Old Testament. The Old Testament is full of types but the reality is that God is speaking to the spiritual man. Jesus said, ”the words that I speak are Spirit and they are life.” Right? And I was shocked to realize that I didn’t know very much about the Bible. All I knew was what tradition had handed down. And God began to change things. And I began to hunger and thirst after the Lord.

And I found that it all comes because people misunderstood Calvary. I want you to turn with me in a minute, get ready to get to it, the 3rd chapter of the book of Galations. But here in St.John 17 He said, “This is life eternal that they know Thee the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent.” Then He goes on to say vs. 6: “I manifested Thy name unto the men which You gavest Me out of the world.” We were given to the Lord Jesus. And I said ”Why? give me a scripture to back up what you’re saying.” He gave me Isaiah 53:8 where it says, “Jesus was cut off and who shall declare His generation.” Jesus wanted a family just like any man wanted a family but He was cut off before He could have a family. He was tempted in all points like as we yet without sin. And so God answered the cry of the Lord Jesus and we were given to Jesus. And any change in you is going to come from Him.

One of the things I found in years of being in the ministry and going to a lot of things was the fact that Jesus is the answer, and the simplicity in seeing that He is God’s plan. Not us. He is God’s plan. To the degree that we are like Him, to that degree we will please God. If you want to please the Lord, be like Jesus. Only trouble is you can’t do it yourself. “I’ll fast and pray”. Won’t work. Doesn’t work that way. He’s the one.

In Matthew 11:27, Jesus describing His role, “All things are delivered into My hands, No man knoweth the Son saveth the Father.” God gives revelation to the people according to the will of the Son, the Son of God. And that was difficult. I hadn’t been taught that. I thought if you pray enough and fast enough you’ll be more spiritual. And what I found was you become more full of pride. God’s teaching us today, and He’s basing it on this progressive revelation in the 17th chapter of John where He prays for His immediate disciples and then he says in verse 20: “Neither pray I for these alone,” meaning His immediate disciples, “but for them which shall also believe on me through their word.” And I found out that what Jesus has called us for is to be a blessing to people.

Do you ever sing a song,“Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised” here or not? (singing):

Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised
In the City of our God, in the mountain of His Holiness
Beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole earth.
Is Mount Zion on the sides of the north, the city of the great King?

Who brings joy to all the earth? (congregation answered Jesus). NO! Zion, the City of God. Of course Jesus is responsible, but what God is saying, wherever you go you're to be a blessing to people in every sense of the word. We’re to be the joy of the whole earth. Not to be drunk with wine to excess, but to be filled with His Spirit. A drunk doesn’t care. He’s dedicated to drink. And if you love Jesus the way you should, you’re dedicated to Him. And you’ll follow the same pattern He did. He did nothing Himself. He said,”without Me, you can do nothing.” We bear the same relationship to Jesus as He does to the Trinity. And that’s a mystery.

Here’s a part of the Trinity of God who has become a man for purposes that we haven’t really grasped. But God is unfolding all the time the mystery of God in Christ. It all goes back to scriptures like John 17 where Jesus so yields to God as a man that He gets what theologically is called an earned deity . He has always been God. God doesn’t change. Jesus doesn’t change. But when we get the proper idea of the Lord we recognize He is cutting a path for us and we’re to follow Him all the way.

How did He start out? He started out as a baby, didn't’ He? Born just like any other baby. Conceived by God, but nevertheless He was a baby. And He grew, at the age of 12, He was very wise,very wise. By the age of 12 we lack a little bit. He is the perfect man. He was not born perfect, He was born sinless. He never violated that and He lived the life through.

And this progressive revelation of what we’re to do is something you need to look at. Look at it! He said,”Father, I pray,” verse 21, “that they all might be one as Thou Father art in Me and I in thee, that they also might be One in Us that the world may believe that Thou hast sent Me.” He said we’re to be one as He and the Father were one. How close is the oneness of Jesus as man and the Trinity? It’s so close that in the ninth chapter of the book of Isaiah His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the Prince of Peace, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father. He said to Philip, when you see Me, you see the Father. Why? Because the oneness between a man called Jesus Christ and Almighty God. That’s the way we’re to be.

This is the thing that causes a marriage to fall, they don’t understand that principle. That we’re to be one like Jesus and the Father are one. And while people may get married because they have a fondness for one another and all that. If they don’t move on to divine love just like between the Father and the Son, the marriage will fail. Because they’ve put a priority on something besides being one like Jesus and the Father. They’re One!

So, He is the redemption in His divine person. As many as received who? Him! Not knowledge about Him. As many as received Him. We have to receive the Lord as a person. In this marvelous person are all the characteristics of God, crystalized in a human being. You want wisdom—He is wisdom. You want peace—He is Peace. Everything that’s a character of God, Jesus is, only it’s crystalized in a person.

We as human beings are subject to want to use our brain. By our flesh we want to understand the things of God. You’ll never understand God that way. You only understand God by the Holy Spirit. And here He begins to go down the line, and He says this is what I want. First I want you to be one as the Father and I are One. Then He goes on to say, “the glory which Thou gavest Me I have given Thee that they may be perfect (or mature) in one even as we are that the world may know that Thou hast sent Me and has loved them as thou hast loved Me.” In other words as we become more and more like Jesus He identifies Himself with us, not just ministering to us, but we become like Him. That’s the second stage, the glory.

What’s the purpose of the baptism of the Holy Spirit? We say it’s to have power to witness. No. It’s power to be a witness. There’s a big difference. You don’t need the baptism to witness, but you need the power of God to be the witness that God wants you to be. And it involves, in the very name, its root meaning is martyrdom, that we are to so love God that we are willing to die. This is the day when God wants us to go on and not stop along the way.

What I have found, (I have been in several revivals-I was in the Latter Reign revival in 1948), I saw things that I haven’t seen since. I don’t want that repeated but I recognized that God was showing us what we could be. I remember specifically one thing that I’ve been talking about here recently because a lot of people haven’t seen what a lot of us have seen in times past. We had about 500 in a morning service and a group of people with holiness background came to investigate the “glossilalia”. That means they want to find out all about tongues. When they came, there was a lull in the service, and a prophet stood and prophesied, “Behold I stand at the door and knock, if any man hear My voice and open the door, I will come in and sup with him.” And He stepped into the room in person. He went over to the leader of this group from the holiness background, and He asked the young man, “Why do you fight tongues?” He was flabbergasted. He touched him. What do you think happened? He gushed. He gushed. And that morning the visible Jesus touched people and whatever HE touched they were filled with the Holy Ghost. Amen.

There were other times when He appeared writing in a book. He gave us a visible manifestation of His presence. The gifts were working perfectly, all nine of them. It was perfection, it was a real high.

We became full of pride overnight. The Lord said, “I won’t have it. I will declare a moratorium on it and I will move again in the 60’s.” What we call the charismatic renewal was what He promised, but I haven't seen it in the charismatic renewal yet either. God’s got a great future for us. We read the Bible and we don’t realize what we’re reading. It’s just rote. He says, “Eye hath not seen nor ear heard, neither has entered the heart of man the things which God has prepared for them who love Him.” As we grow, God begins to give more things we can handle and there is no end to it. So I have learned to appreciate Jesus. I’ve given my life to Him. I never felt I should stop. But that I want to grow to be like Him.

I know my name. The Bible says that each one of us has a name that no man knows except us. I know what my name is. He told me. God has spoke to me personally. And I don’t mean impressed. What people mean when they say the Lord told me then I was impressed with this thought. But normally we don’t hear the voice in words like we speak, not normally. But we’ve followed the tradition. The Lord said this and the Lord said that. And He didn’t really say it the way they make it look. They were impressed. Like Jesus said “I must needs go to Samaria.” What God is saying is we got to go on; we can’t stop at any one of the places.

And when we reach that state of perfection that God wants, that state of being grown up that will please God, you’re not going to stay in this world very long. Even Jesus, when He reached the place of perfection, He said, “not My will but Thine be done.” He was gone. He had to die to get back. So do we. We have to die to get to the position that God wants us to have. One of the things that plagues some of us, who are seeking the Lord, was the fact that the general thought of the church as a whole was the fact that everyone gets the same thing; that we’re all equal. That’s not true. He said,” Fear not little flock, it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” Little flock. How little is little in God’s sight? Little. But the bulk of the people don’t want that. They want to be on the receiving end. Well that’s all right . You have the choice. You’ll either be a giver or a receiver. You’ll be asking God for things or you’ll be giving out what God told you to give out. It’s that simple.

I want to show you something. After we get down to the end of this, I want to take you to the book of Revelation and show you the revelation that opened up the whole thing where we’re going, what we’re to do, and what God expects out of us. He prays that the glory will make them perfect in the Lord. In the 24th verse Jesus begins to unveil His heart, what He really wants from us. He said, “Father I will that they also whom Thou hast given Me; be with Me where I am.” Where is the Lord Jesus? We say He’s in heaven. Where’s heaven? Heaven is not a place as much as it is a relationship. We have plenty of hell down here, we should have more heaven. So He goes on to say,” Father, I will that the ones you’ve given Me be with Me where I am that they may behold My glory.” We want to be in the limelight. Jesus wants us to want Him in the limelight.

I asked that for a principle one time in a meeting in a doctor’s wife’s house in Tennessee. She had a beautiful crystal chandelier. And I had about 25 women I was to minister to that afternoon. I said, ”God, what shall I talk about?” He said,”Look at the chandelier.” I looked at the chandelier and it sparkled a kaleidoscope of color. I should talk about that. Then He proceeded to tell me such things that I had not heard. He said,” As you look at all of the chandelier, what do you see?” I see all the colors of the rainbow. He said,”Now concentrate on just one crystal.” And I did; maybe it was blue. He said,”Now slowly move your head.” As I did, it changed color. The individual crystal had the same properties as the whole kaboodle. But He said,”That chandelier has no beauty itself.” If we stepped into the room, we’d say, “What a beautiful chandelier.” No! The chandelier is not beautiful. The light was beautiful. God was showing the variety of glory in Himself who is Light. He said the only thing that the crystal does is by cutting it properly, it can become something that breaks down God, who is Light, into the component parts, the component Glories that He has. God is a God who wants to unfold mystery after mystery after mystery. But it only comes as you move in the divine progressive revelation. He wants us to keep going. And that’s what He’s talking about here.

He said, “I want them to be where I am that they may behold My glory.” From experience, to be in the presence of the Lord is perfection, just being there. Everything is glorious. You don’t worry about anything; not when you’re in the presence of the Lord. Cause it fades, it can’t stand the glory of the Lord Jesus.

Then He goes on to say something else. In verse 25 “O righteous Father, the world hath not known Thee, but I have known Thee. And these have known that Thou hast sent Me. And I will declare to them Thy name that the love wherewith Thou hast loved Me may be in them.” What God is asking for is divine love manifested through us. And then He said at the last, “And I in them.” Where does Jesus want to be known today? He wants to be known in us. Not out in space somewhere. That was all right for the Old Testament but not for the new. The revelation of the Lord is a spiritual thing and takes place inside, in here where the spiritual man lives. And that’s the one that’s really going to go. This body we live in is not going to go. It’s going to stay here. Today we have controversy: should she be buried or cremated? Well it depends on how much money you want to pay. You’re body is going to go back to the earth whether you’re cremated or just die and waste away until the skeleton is left. But the real you is a spirit being. Amen.

We don’t think about these things. We are so wrapped up in this life we forget at its best, this whole life (and the Bible calls it “a vapor,” in the light of eternal truth, a “vapor”), is a preparation for another life that we haven’t seen yet. Only in the person of the Lord Jesus. That’s what God is saying here. I want you to recognize true value is the thing that’s important is knowing Him.

Paul said, “O that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His suffering.” and so forth. “That I may lay hold of,” the person, that is, not an event, but a person. And it’s called out of the resurrection of the dead. There’s only one person that’s beaten death and that’s Jesus. What Paul was saying was I want all this power and all this suffering and I want to be made conformable unto death, if by any means I might attain unto the resurrection of the dead. Not an event, but a person. Jesus. This is a day when God wants to reveal Himself to everyone who wants to see Him in the sense that He desires. Now, most people want God only for what they can get out of it. So they pray much for what they want, either for themselves or somebody else.

I commend you on your praise and worship here. Very few churches have it . They call praise, worship. The two are not the same. I was, in 1988, I was preaching to a group of Pentecostal ministers in Lima, Peru. At 5 o’clock in the morning God woke me up and gave me in Spanish 3 levels. He said, when you pray, you pray because you want something. He said when you praise you only give something, the fruit of your lips. But He said when you worship, you can’t do that. God has to be with you and you start desiring to be one with Him. It’s not something saying, “You are wonderful, Lord. “ but “You’re so wonderful, I want to be part of You.” That’s what worship really is. Very few people have real worship.

In the revival of 1948, God had shown us that in advance. So when we praised the Lord for about a half hour, and we’d worship for an hour and a half or two hours. Worship is the prime thing because worship is peculiar to the New Testament. Praise, you find all over the Old Testament but in the New Testament, the hour is coming and now is, never was, when true worshipers shall worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth. That comes to the thing that makes it possible. It’s a gift. There is one gift that most people who do not have the baptism consider the least of the gifts, but really is the greatest of the gifts. What do you think that is? Tongues. He that speaketh in tongues, speaketh unto God, not unto men. The more you speak in tongues, the better off you’ll be.

I used to pray a lot in English. I used to beat the bench, “God, You’ve got to do this!” And I’d almost break my hand. One day one fellow was punching the wall. It was a cellotex wall. He was crying out to God, “God do this and God do that” and he went through the wall and got hung up. I don’t think God is impressed with our voice. He gave it to us in the first place, but we had some different ideas about what God wants. What God wants you to do is approach Him in faith. Because without faith it’s impossible to please God.

God has given me, over the years, a revelation as experience and sometimes as principles. One of the things He gives, from time to time, will be a revelation and then back it up by the word. He may or may not let you experience it, but He may. So one day, I was asking God for something different. And He said, “ I want to talk to you today about 5 levels of kingdoms.” And of course, I asked Him in my heart, “What are they?” He said,” There’s the mineral kingdom, there’s the plant kingdom, there’s the animal kingdom, there’s the human kingdom, and there’s the divine kingdom.” And He taught me. He said, “ The mineral kingdom cannot be part of the plant kingdom unless there’s a change.” Iron for example has to become an iron salt, bare iron cannot be absorbed by the plant kingdom. The plant kingdom has to be consumed by the animal kingdom, it has to die, or at least changed. And when it does, a strange miracle happens. The plant becomes, instead of a vegetable, it becomes protein in the cow. The cow eats the grass, the grass is converted to meat. The cow, when he dies, becomes a part of the human kingdom. The t-bone steak you ate last night will become a part of the human kingdom. But some animal had to die before that happened. He said to me,” The human, whether he knows it or not, has to die to become a part of the kingdom of heaven, the divine kingdom.” And I recognized that God had given me a principle, that everything in the Bible depends upon death, out of which comes life. This is hard because we’ve been taught by tradition that when you get saved you’re going to be happy and everything’s going to be wonderful. And that’s not true. You may be happy for a while in the honeymoon period, but you got to come down to reality and find out that what God uses is heartaches, and everything else to work out something in you. Amen. And that’s hard to hold to it. But God will help you if you want it. God is so desirous of you being like Him, and His relationship with the Son, that you’re willing to go to any extreme to get it. And that’s what He wants to do. And when the Lord showed me that even Jesus had to die, not only for us, but He had to die to get back. Because He came out of heaven as a man and was in the human kingdom but to get back to the divine, He had to die. Then He moved into the divine kingdom.

Jesus is our answer to, “Where are we going?” We’re going to be like Him sooner or later. Now He said, “ For nought the little flock, for it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” But what about the people that are not of the little flock? And there are many of them. What does God have for them? A trip to heaven.

You get to heaven because of the blood, but you don’t sit on the throne with Him on that basis. Let me read you in Revelation 3:21. He’s speaking to you and He’s speaking to me tonight. “ To Him that overcometh, will I grant to sit with Me on My throne, even as I also overcame and am set down with My Father in His throne. “ The promise given to the overcomer is to sit with Him in His throne. Now that’s wonderful. But I said to myself, “There's something I’m not understanding here.” Jesus first must rule and reign on His Father’s throne as a man until every enemy is put under His feet. Then He turns the kingdom back to the Father that God may be all in all. There’s an interval of time there. It’s going to take time to have everything under subjection. And so the Lord reminded me that the answer is that Jesus has never ceased to be God. Never. He created everything. By Him all things consist. The parts of the atoms in you are kept in orbit by Jesus. We were created for His pleasure. Everything is for Him. He’s the star. Amen. And I thought, “Well, that’s wonderful. You got any scripture to give me, Lord, to back it up.” He said, “Yes.” It’s a funny thing, the Lord knows His scriptures.

Revelation 7:9 describes the people that are not overcomers. Now I want you to notice the contrast. Who is given the promise to sit with Him in His throne? The overcomer. But He said, “little flock.” Verse 9, “After this, I beheld, and lo, a great multitude.” How big is great in the sight of God? Pretty big. He says “a great multitude,” this is not a remnant. This is a great multitude. “Which no man can number of all nations, and kindreds, and people and tongues stood before the throne and before the Lamb clothed with white robes and palms in their hands,” and they began to sing a song about their salvation and bless God for it. But notice in vs. 15, the change. “Therefore are they before the throne,” not sitting with Him on His throne, but they were “before the throne and serve Him day and night in the temple. And He that sitteth on the throne, shall dwell among them.” They’re not cut off from the Lord, but they don’t sit with Him on His throne because they need help even after they’re dead. “They shall hunger no more, thirst no more, neither shall any of the sun…any heat, for the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them.” After death. “And lead them into living fountains of waters.” And then it ends by saying this, ”and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.” Why are they crying? They had their opportunity of choice and turned it down for what they wanted.

God so loves. He loves people. So He loves them even though they didn’t go on. All they were interested in was a ticket to heaven. And that’s been the emphasis of the church for a long time. Well, heaven’s a nice place to be, but you don’t have to wait till you die to be in heaven. You can be in heaven through the Spirit now if you want it. Why did they cry? Because they realized in the finality of the thing they didn’t love Him enough to go on. He said, “If you love me, keep My commandments.” And He wants us to grow. He wants to see the work of the Spirit. It’s to cause us to grow. They missed it.

How about the people that sat on the throne with Him? Do you find them in the New Testament? Yes. In Revelation14, where He uses a figure that represents a small number of people. He said the big number could not be counted. But their count, 144,000, and I don’t know if that means a literal number, but it means a small number are with the Lord on His throne. Amen. And they learn a new song that no man could learn except those that were redeemed from the earth. They were spiritual virgins. They are people that are so wrapped up in the Lord Jesus th

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Where you are will probably determine what you do. Right now, the great thing that the world is experiencing now is an evangelization message. It is getting thousands of people saved around the earth. But most of the time that’s about what they get. There are a few, the remnant, that recognize there is more to it than that if they want God’s best. God’s best is to be a giver. To be a part of the royal family, to feed all the family. There is not exactly equality. It’s what God chooses to have. You can only do that which God permits you to do. But God will give a lot of leeway, if you say, “Lord, I really want you,” and mean it. He’ll take you at your word. And you’ll begin to go through the things it takes to become an overcomer. A giver instead of a receiver.

Most of us pray because we want something. It’s all right if you want Jesus. But many times it’s not that. They want a new car. “God give me a new car.” They want to be healed. Is it wrong to want to be healed? No. But they don’t want Jesus to the degree that Jesus wants them to be. And when they finally wake up, they missed it, they cry. What does God do? Fold His arms and say I told you so? He didn’t do that. He wipes away the tear from their eyes and they’re happy. He cannot permit sadness.

Then He told me something I had never heard in my life. He said eventually every born-again believer will be like me. The only difference between the overcomer and those that are not overcomers is, it takes a longer time. But eventually every believer, true believer, will be just like Jesus. Because God wants a family of full grown sons. And their teacher will be the Lord Jesus. There is no one who can teach like Jesus. Amen.

We live in a day of choices. And it’s not because you’re better than anybody, but you have to make the decision yourself. God loves you enough to put you in His plan and because He’s not in a hurry, it may take a long time. Maybe 100,000 years. I don’t know. But He wants people to be like Jesus. Amen.

Now to prove to you, from the Bible that some arrived at that, you find it in Hebrews 19 and also Hebrews 22. I’m sorry, Revelation 19: 10, “I fell at His feet to worship Him and He said unto me, ‘See that you do it not; for I am thy fellow servant and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus; worship God.” Here’s an individual who is a man they begin to worship. He’s a glorified saint. And they begin to worship him because he looked like the Savior. In the 22nd chapter, it’s the same thing again. Revelation 22: 8-9. “And I, John, told to the saints and heard them and when I had heard and seen, I fell down to worship before the feet of the angel which showed me those things. Then said he to me, ‘See thou do not, for I am thy fellow servant and thy brethren the prophets and of them which keep His sayings of this book; worship God.” The Bible says every truth, every word shall be corroborated in the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses. Here’s 2 witnesses to the fact that the saints when they reach the state that God wants, look like Jesus. Something to think about. Amen.

You say that’s fine. I’m not interested. I just want to make heaven my home and sit under a palm tree or something forever. It’s up to us. Let me tell you. I come from Florida and if you sit under a palm tree a lot of things might happen. I've come to this conclusion. Christians get exactly what they want from God. They can say everything, but the proof will be in what way they go. Amen.

We are mixture of law and grace. God wants us to be under grace. And that’s hard. Because we haven’t been taught that. So you want to be spiritual, fast and pray. That’s no guarantee. Jesus makes you spiritual. Amen. It’s…what do you want. I’ll choose Jesus every time. I know what He can do. I want to close with 2 scriptures. 1 Corinthians 15:22, ” For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.” But notice 23, “but every man in his own order; Christ, the first fruits,” plural, “after they that are Christ’s at His coming.” Here you have Jesus, the Lord, you have the first fruits, who are the overcomers, and you have the general harvest, they that are Christ’s at His coming.” We’re going to be in one of those two classes. First fruits means the first of the crop, then comes the harvest. There will be a harvest of souls in the last days. It’s beginning right now.

We started in Bogota, Colombia and ended up in Medellin and God gave me in 1964, the revelation of house groups and in one year we grew from a couple, a soldier and his wife, to 1,000, by spiritual geometric progression. We had a meeting that’s in one house that got up to around 12. We divided it in two. The two became four; the four eight; sixteen,thirty two; sixty four, one hundred twenty eight; two fifty six; and so forth, five twelve. And in one year we were up to a thousand. Today the church in Medellin is 20,000. We have three buildings, we have four services a day and there are anywhere from 100 to 150 souls saved at every service. Why? Because God has ordained that small groups is really the church. The big gatherings that we have is for the benefit of helping the one who does not know the Lord, to find Him, or to be found.

God is doing a new thing today. You can pick where you want to be and then ask God, if He sees fit to give it to you, okay. He knows whether you’re capable of moving in the level you want . He knows. And He’s not about to give a power that people think they need or want and they’re not capable of handling it. They would wreck the people round about them. So we’ve got to stay close to the Lord to know what He wants us to do and it may be a lot different than what you think. Amen. Oh hallelujah. I love Jesus. And I like people. I’d rather they go on, but even if they don’t I still love them. And I know God feels the same way. Amen.

And since I know now for sure, that if they are really saved, they’re going to be like Jesus sooner or later. I say, okay, whatever you want. It’s up to you. It’s up to you right here tonight. I’m telling people everywhere, make a choice. What do you want?

Now the average way at the end of a service is to pray a prayer that many times is unscriptural. “Lord go with us as we go to our separate places of abode.” which is unscriptural. He said, “I ‘ll never leave you or forsake you.” We should thank Him that He is going to watch over us as we go. But we know better than the Lord, so we ask for something He told us you didn’t have to. Amen.

We say, “Come down, Lord.” And He says, ”Let Me out.” And you begin to flow. You may or may not be conscious of it but you’ll begin to flow. You’ll be a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal proceeding out of…that’s what God wants us to understand. This whole thing begins with the Spirit of God, by Jesus Christ, being your teacher. And He will tell you the truth. Now you can get a certain amount of freedom from the scriptures themselves as to everyday living, but the thing that really pleases God is the fact that we are guided by the Holy Spirit. He’s our teacher and He never makes a mistake. I found a lot of mistakes in my seminary training because it was the result of men. But when God speaks, that’s it. That’s it.

We have forms which is really a sort of the law. Why when we praise the Lord, we always lift the left foot up. People, they know more than God. The Bible talks about the curse of the law. And when Jesus died on the cross, He not only died for your sins, He paid the price to become a man who is totally filled with the fullness of the Holy Spirit given to Him without measure.

We fail to realize what Jesus has accomplished. And he fulfills this scripture in Galatians 3. You can read it later. Where it says cursed is everyone that hangs on a tree, that’s Calvary, that’s the cross. If I asked the average person when I say the word cross, what does it mean to you? “Well that’s where my sins were taken care of.” And that’s true, but that’s only half the picture. It was the price that Jesus paid for the totality of the Holy Spirit as a man. And it wasn’t until He was exalted that He could say, ”All power is given me.” You don’t give God power. He’s got it. But Jesus, as a man, said “You’ve given me all power in heaven and in earth, go ye therefore into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” We just don’t know what Jesus has accomplished.

And the Spirit of God is the only one that can lead you on. If you listen to other people what they think, you miss it. You’ve got to hear from God on a personal level. And when you hear Him, He says, “This is the way, walk ye in it.” He’ll teach us, He will support us, He will open up visions that He wants us to have. It all comes from Him. And we say, “Lord I’m so glad for what you’ve done.” Amen.

Now usually at the end of a service they’ll pray those prayers that they’ve been saying by rote ever since he got saved. And people say, “We didn’t pray”. If you’re walking with God, you’re praying all the time. Praying without ceasing. It’s not a question of words, it ‘s a question of relationship. Amen. So I’m not going to pray that God will bless you. He is blessing you. I’m not going to pray for your protection. He said, “I’ll give my angels charge over you.” We need to know the Bible, so we can find out more about Jesus. Different! Amen. So turn around and hug the person next to you. Hug Roy there…