In October, 1997 I had the following vision that was both a warning of what was to come to pass and a teaching for the future. The wolves came and were dismissed, however, the long term caution that we need to be on guard for wolves has never been more important, and will continue to increase as the spirit of lawlessness increases.

There was a group of people in the kitchen and we were packaging an animal that we had just slaughtered for food. I took two packages of ground meat outside and set them on the porch to cool, although it wasn’t winter. They were dark in color and seemed to be wild game. I went back inside and brought out two more, but the first ones I had brought out were gone. This didn’t strike me as a surprise, but I wondered what happened to them. When I brought out a third set of two more packages, the second set was also now gone.

I was getting a little concerned.

The next time I brought out only one package and the third set was already gone. I began to look around to try and find the reason for their disappearance. At first I saw nothing unusual, but then I saw two wolves near the far end of the house jumping around and waiting for me to leave the meat. They had multi-colored fur that was a little long, and they were very scrawny. I didn’t know how they could be that scrawny after consuming so much meat. I felt that it was my job to take care of them, so I started walking toward the wolves with the meat in my hands. I wasn’t afraid that they would attack me because I had the meat. I lured them up to the door with the meat and I called for help. One of my fellow believers from the house came out with a gun and shot them both.

The wolves eyes were pleading with me to understand that they were trapped and had no control over their actions. It was almost like they were humans who had been turned into wolves by an evil spell. They did not even try to get away—partly because they were irresistibly drawn to the bloody meat and partly because theythought by their death they were escaping their horrible fate. When I looked up there were more wolves all around the yard, and more coming from the woods. Several other believers came out to help kill them and I was sent inside. The battle went on for a long time.

The wolves lost.