In 1975 the Lord sent a gifted brother from Florida to Morrisville, Vermont, to begin the process of establishing a New Testament church here. His ministry broke down spiritual walls that allowed numerous new fellowships to spring up in this area—many of them believing the complete Bible as the Word of God for today. This brother moved on when his work here was complete and will undoubtably receive his reward when he meets Jesus face-to-face. Bless you, Vince...

Jubilee! Christian Fellowship (that’s us!) is one of those fellowships. In 1981 the Lord directed a number of families to move to Morrisville to participate with Him and watch His church be established. We have been amazed at how easy (in spite of continual religious persecution) this happens when He does the work! The rest of the story is recorded in His heart.

We have a variety of home fellowships, prayer meetings, and ministries around the area and beyond.

You can contact us at:
Jubilee! Christian Fellowship
P.O. Box 1129
Morrisville, Vermont 05661
(802) 888-4252
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