by Dwain Clark

In February 1989, when I was still single, I went with a team of men and women from Vermont and New Hampshire to The Dominican Republic. We traveled to Constanza, high in the northern mountains, to work with Food For The Hungry International. Our goal was to serve them by helping to finish building a food service facility.

In this country cement is the building material of choice and everything must be done by hand. It was hard work and often very draining. Yet, working along side the people in the community we dug and installed the floor and finished the walls readying the building for use. The children of the village surrounded us to watch and observe while we worked.

Around our work site were beautiful fields of garlic, leeks, carrots, beets, beans, and potatoes. Constanza is one of the most agriculturally productive valleys in the country. What a strange sight to see so many poor refugees in a land with so much bounty.

My group and I were the only guests at a huge rundown hotel. It was an odd sort of building with a large open area in the center. Yet, even in the midst of a foreign country I could feel the angels guarding us at the end of our rooms. Each evening we would get together and worship the Lord. Afterward, I would go and pray for the work we were doing but mostly for my home fellowship. I did this because I could feel the prayer covering being laid over our mission team by those in our home fellowships. A prayer covering is an awesome thing! I have prayed for others many times but this was the first time I had the experience of feeling others’ prayers covering me like a cloak.

Just awesome—God is so good!!!