Every end-of-summer, Barton, Vermont holds a week-long country fair. This is a real county fair, replete with livestock judging, horse and tractor pulls, an auction arena, a building featuring displays of various phases of Vermont agricultural life, with many products for sale; various forms of entertainment, rides, scads of food vendors and game stalls, and noise, noise, noise!

This fair brings all kinds of seekers, and we had it in our hearts to bring the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ to those seeking the Truth. We saw that in order to reach Vermonters, we had to go where they went and do what they do.

It was August of 1987. We had reserved a spot at the front end of the fair for the entire week. The name of our group was The Remnant. We felt we would just worship with the songs we had been practicing, and the Lord would bring in those who were thirsty. To quench this in the natural, as well as to symbolize that Jesus is the Living Water which, if anyone drinks, he will never thirst again, we had someone handing out cups of cold water just inside the tent. (Matthew 10:42, John 4:13-14)

A team of 2 men with gifts of evangelizing went walking through the fair, talking with people and inviting them to the concert. A prayer warrior went with them for support.

We held 2 concerts per day. In the afternoon, we had a clown hand out balloons to passing children, inviting them to the puppet show our children were putting on. The theme of the puppet show was about being born again (“Bullfrogs & Butterflies --- they both been born again!”). This was followed by some of the older kids singing a few songs, including “Jesus Put This Song in My Heart” and “He’s Still Working’ On Me.” The main worship team sang and played evangelistic and worship songs, interspersed with personal testimonies.

We had a little bit of a battle with the noise from the strip tease show on the other side of the fair, but one of the men went and asked if they would turn down the volume, and they did! Some ardent prayers among our group prayed against that show and it no longer exists.

Late at night, when all the shows and vendors were closed, the workers would drop by and we would have yet another concert! It was such a blessing to be a ray of hope in the midst of much debauchery. Many people were touched by Jesus as a result of those concerts, many seeds were scattered (Matthew 13:18), and we did it with joy and faith.

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