The following is a transcribed version of a spoken message from the “Eye of the Eagle” prophetic conference in Grants Pass, OR.  Thanks to Dale Howell and the staff at Cornerstone Church, this message has been put in printed form.  In it there are notable prophetic issues addressing the Times and Seasons in which we are living.  Part of our role in recent days has been to identify and help "un-stop old wells" in places where expressions of revival once visited our country and support the church in the preparatory process for the things about to unfold spiritually.  Please remember that this is a transcribed version of a spoken message and give it the grace accordingly... Keith Davis

Bob Jones and Keith Davis 12/05/00

The Divine Vortex on the Gold Hill of our minds:

Any more when I come to a conference I have to wait and see what the Holy Spirit is saying. He’s given me quite a few things for this conference, I was trying to figure what He wanted me to do tonight. So on the way up here from the airport my attention was drawn to a sign on the road that said, “VORTEX”.  I asked where is this vortex?  They said it was on Gold Hill.  There are demonic vortexes in the earth but there are also heavenly vortexes in the earth. Where there is a heavenly vortex it is sort of like a funnel coming out at the small end - right here on man (Bob pointed to his forehead).

I was still trying to get a hold of what He was trying to say to me. He was saying it, I was trying to understand what He was saying.  When Dale came by to pick me up and we started talking, gold flakes came all over that hotel room – did you notice his head up here was shining?  This is what He wants your head doing, he wants it shining tonight.  The gold that He means to shine is right here (Bob pointed to his forehead which was sparkling with many gold flakes, but he was unaware of it.)  In Exodus 28:36 they took a golden mitre – a square golden mitre and they wrote “Holy to the LORD” on it and they put it over the forehead of the high priest. And He is calling you together here as priests and kings tonight. And what He is after is that your mind would be given to Him in holiness. Some of you have probably seen me pray over people’s minds before, “Holy unto the Lord.” I will be doing that to you again tonight for this is what He is saying. That your minds would become holy unto the Lord. 

Now many places where these vortexes are – He begins to do a work there.  One of the main places where there is a divine vortex is Jerusalem.  A demonic vortex is like the Bermuda Triangle. A heavenly vortex is like Iceland and there are many other places.  There are places where the Lord has a vortex and it is like a hearing horn going both ways.  It is a place where you can talk to God and then shut up and let Him talk back. 

As I was waiting to put some of this together tonight He began to speak to me about the gold.  Gold always represents a pure mind (pause) A gold mind (pause) A golden mind.  I always thought the Father raised Jesus from the dead.  But in Romans 1:4 it was the Spirit of Holiness that raised Jesus from the dead.   So Jesus had a holy mind or soul and Satan could not keep him bound because you can’t bind holiness.  In Romans 1:4 it has resurrection power on it.  And the way that this is showing up here – you all are on the verge of power!

Haggai 2:9 What goes around comes around, for there is no new thing that hasn’t happened before, so what has happened here before?  That was one of the things he was speaking to me as I came in here tonight, “What’s happened here before?”  Has anything happened in Grants Pass before?  (Bob was referring to the great healing revival in Grants Pass in the 1950’s. There was a large tabernacle built to host the great healing evangelists of that day.  It was dedicate by William Branham exactly 50 years ago to the day that Bob is sharing this word.)  The latter glory will be greater than the former and this word “glory” here if you will go back to the original translation here you will find that it means, “heavy” or “gold”.  And I am giving this as a personal word to what is taking place here tonight.  “The glory of the latter house [with its successor to which Jesus came] shall be greater than the former says the Lord of hosts: and in this place will I give peace and prosperity says the Lord of hosts.”  He is saying, “This is what I am beginning to do here.”  He is moving in 50 year cycles now.  And what I did 50 years ago, I am getting ready to do a new thing here.  It will be along the same line, only it will be far greater.  It will be 10 times greater.  The earlier house here was like the tabernacle of Moses, but the temple of Solomon was exactly 10 times that of the tabernacle of Moses.  So He began a work here 50 years ago, but that thing fell apart.  He is getting ready to do another work now. 

The Winds of Change:
I think it was in June that an angel spoke to me and he said, “my name is The Wind Of Change.” And he said, “I began a great work in Shreveport Louisiana in the mid 40’s” – 46 to be exact and then he said, “I have been trying to get you to go there for two years, I want you to go to Shreveport.”  I wish Keith was here, because him and Bobby and I went together.  And this angel said, “I am a miracle working angel and I have been doing these things every 50 years and nobody has laid it to heart. I have been bringing a change every 50 years, I have been offering the church a jubilee every 50 years.   So the Lord has been sending these angels every 50 years.  So we went to Shreveport Louisiana and this angel said, “There is an old man there that I really called to be the apostle to that town and they betrayed him.  But I am going to bring him forth.  He told me about this man and he told me how that in 1946 that he began an awesome movement in Shreveport.  I had never heard of Shreveport, I knew it was a city but I never heard of any awesome movement beginning there.  So we went there and he said, “Just watch the wind.” 

The Lord Our Sanctifier
When we went to this church (in Shreveport) it had banners on the wall and I was told to watch the banners.  So the first night there was only one flag (banner) that moved in the wind.  It was called The Lord our Sanctifier.  So one thing he is doing here is that he is going to begin to sanctify your minds, your thoughts.  It is really strange in the way that he sanctifies your mind. You people that are here, he has really been exercising your mind lately in a strange way. You’ve been feeling like backsliders, if you’ve been feeling like me.  I have been having terrible thoughts like I have never had to fight before.  I’ve been having to say “N0” so many times, I’ve been exercising this thing against unrighteousness and wicked thoughts.  And I’ve noticed that after I’ve said no to those things, here will come another stream of thoughts that are as holy as I have ever seen. 

Well, I’m sure that the rest of you have been building your muscles up, like me, saying “No”.  So what He has been doing is bringing us to a breakthrough here (Bob points to his forehead).  To the place where we will exercise our minds in holiness to such a point that the second the enemy tries to bring a demonic thought to us we can kick it right out. So you have been going through a thing, and you exercise because of the unrighteousness that comes at you.  And the more that you say “No” to those thoughts the stronger you become.  I’ve noticed in some of them, racist thoughts, or type of people you don’t like.  These things you have to fight all the time.  But ever time your doing it and you say “No” to that unrighteous thought, you are saying “Yes” to love –

I’m going to love that type of people, I’m going to love that family, I’m going to love them people. So He has been bringing His Body of Christ to a new level here in righteousness.  But boy has it been tough and we have all been building up spiritual muscles, to where unrighteous thoughts would have no place.  The Lord has called us to go forth and bring down Goliath.  Do you know where David put that stone?  (People answered, “right between the eyes”)?  Do you know who Goliath is -- Uncontrolled thoughts, unholy thoughts. 

The high places are still dominated by our thoughts and when we put that stone right there and we write “Holy Unto The Lord” over our forehead we begin a new movement – Sanctify them. So the Lord has been calling us to a sanctification on a level that we have not known before.  And in John 17 (Vs 19) the Lord sanctified himself for us. Well, I really had to wrestle with this.  Jesus was holy from the moment he was born to the moment he died. Why did he have to sanctify himself for us?  His sanctification was obedience to the will of the Father. I am willing to go to the cross for them, I am sanctifying myself for their sake.  This is why he is really calling the Body of Christ together.  Sanctify your thoughts for the Body’s sake.  Pull down the high places that exalt themselves against the word of God.  So the first night the flag that waved was “The Lord Our Sanctifier.” 

The Presence of the Lord
The second night the flag that waved was right next to it – “The presence of the Lord.”  That is what you are being prepared for.  You have been fighting against unrighteousness and a warring to keep your mind on track for the Lord against the distractions that the enemy has been bringing, so that the sanctification would make way for the presence of the Lord. 

The Lord Our Peace
The third night I was looking and I could feel the wind blowing – and the Gold has come on the rooms here – and several places I have gone the wind has come like a whirlwind – that’s Papa.  When a whirlwind comes around you that’s Papa.  The whirlwind is like a pseudo-eye looking down on you like in a hurricane and you are in the center of that eye and he isn’t going to let that hurricane get any closer.  The winds have been blowing here and down there the winds just kept blowing.  I was looking all around and I was saying, “Lord, I don’t see any flags moving.”  Finally he said, look behind you.  I looked behind me and there were flags behind me and the third thing He is going to do is “The Lord Our Peace.”  Sanctification will bring His presence which is going to bring peace into the Body of Christ.  It’s time that we quit doing the devils work against one another.  And it is time that we get this plate of the golden mitre over our forehead. 

The Principle of Jubilees
Well, Keith and I and Bobby, we ministered to the people down there and on the last night this old man came and the things which we had been speaking he came up there and told us what had happened and he gave us the understanding.  You know many times like in Isaiah, I think it is Isaiah 42, “who is so blind as my servant whom I send.” Most of the time when I go I haven’t got the slightest idea what I am going to do.  And it is like when I leave that everybody understands it but me.  Well, its about the way it was there, but I knew that angel was there.  And when that angel came he came with hundreds of other angels.  But those other angels couldn’t speak.  This was as powerful an angel as I have ever seen.  And the winds of change have been blowing since then. 

The Miracle working winds of change – so all of you have entered in at that same time. So your miracles and everything, if you will go back you will find that they begin at that time.  So this man began to explain to us how that there was a man by the name of Jack Moore in Shreveport Louisiana in 1946.  This angel spoke to him and told him to begin to bring people together and so he brought Gordon Lindsay, A. A. Allen, William Branham, Oral Roberts, and Jack Cole, he brought them all together and they started the voice of healing.  That is where it started.  Five years later when the power hit (William Branham was commissioned in May 1946 but the corporate anointing began to take shape some years later), it hit the “Latter Rain” (movement) in the 50’s and the 51’s and we began to understand that this had happened before and he (the angel) said, “ I started moving with you in 1996 when I called you together on the hills in North Carolina.”

He called a group of us together on the hills in North Carolina and he began to speak to us about some things.  We were told to go to North Carolina and the Lord would send three men that would tell us what was going on.  So we went up there and two of the men came, but the other man didn’t.  You see, William Branham had prophesied on January 16, 1956 that the Church had grieved the Holy Spirit and that the Holy Spirit was sending the Church into a wilderness.  (The American church had turned down her opportunity for that generation)

I was sharing that prophecy and we were told that a man would come to give us understanding of why the wilderness for 40 years.  We waited and finally a man from Spokane Washington came about 3:00 o’clock as I was telling this prophecy.  And I said, “We have been waiting for you, where have you been.”  He said,  we have driven a long ways, we have driven hundreds of miles today he was traveling with Irskin Holt, an old “Latter Rain” apostle.  By the way, where we were was a little lodge set up in Moravian Falls in the mountains and these men where just driving around and were impressed that they should come by this place.  I asked this man Ray Kirsky to share and he said, “No, before I speak I want to hear that prophecy.” 

So we told the prophecy and he said, Bob I was there when it was given.  And he said, “I am the last ordained leader of the John G. Lake ministries and the day before that prophecy I was going through hospital wings cleaning them out and the day after that it ended and I have been waiting 40 years for this thing to come to an end.  (This was January the 16th, 1956 the day we were told to meet there was January the 16th, 1996 exactly 40 years to the day later.  I began to pray about these things and 1946 to 1996 was exactly 50 years, January 16th 1956 to January 16th, 1996 was exactly 40 years and I began to ask the Lord, “what is going on here Lord?”  And He said, “Go back another 50 years.”

So I asked Keith what happened in 1896 for there had to be a really powerful outpouring if God has been trying to give us a jubilee every 50 years there had to be something happen really awesome.  And it was Alexander Dowie, that was when he began to come forth with healings. (In 1896 his apostolic church was commissioned) They put him in jail for healing without a license – they really did.  Five years after that – Topeka Kansas, on New Years 1900 the next day was 1901. There came the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.)  After I brought all those words I said, we want to hear what the Lord has sent you here to give us Ray.  He said, “The reason the Holy Spirit left is that we quit talking to Papa.”  The church wanted the signs and wonders, but they did not want the speaking in tongues.  Speaking in tongues is talking to your Daddy.  It is a dedicated line between you and your Papa.  When you don’t want that you lose communication.  We need to get back in relationship with our Daddy.  That is what stopped it then. 

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit came 100 years ago this coming New Years Eve – Midnight.  I believe the Holy Spirit has been saying, “I have been trying to give the Church a 50 year jubilee for years.” I even went back after that to 1846 do you know there were awesome movements in Canada and other places. God moves in Jubilees.  He has been trying to bring us into a jubilee and give us His government every 50 years for quite a while.  Every time that man says, “OK I can handle it now.”  We go into the wilderness for another 40 years. 

It is about time that we quit trying to replace the Holy Spirit as head of the church.  He will give us the government we want.  It was about 1910 that they got clannish in Azusa street and other places and they did not like the color of some people’s skins that was in there.  And the Holy Spirit did not like their attitude so, some of the black and the Holy Spirit left.  In the 1950’s, 1955 and 1956 they did not want the Holy Spirit and they did not want that unity coming in again so we the Church went into 40 years of wandering. 

I believe that the church is getting ready for an awesome jubilee.  I believe I got 10 percent down payment in 1900 on New Years Eve.  I want the rest of it!  I want the tongues of fire – the last time I was in Portland with Bobby Conner we saw it.  We saw the tongues of fire, and they have it on tape, of it coming down on the children when they prayed for the pastor’s.  I want tongues of fire.  I want a mighty rushing wind, I want to speak in Russian and German and Japanese and Chinese. I want the whole ball of wax.  I want that overshadowing so that when I walk by somebody that the disease leaves them.  It wasn’t Peter’s shadow that fell on them.  It really means “overshadowing”.  There was something that come out of Peter.  Rays came out of him that when it happened disease left.  That’s the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and I want that.  This is what I believe is going to happen.  I believe He is offering us another Jubilee.  And He is saying,  “Kids, if you will just leave it alone and obey my Holy Spirit, you will dwell in a new liberty and a new freedom that you have never seen possible.”  I do know that He has his Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, and Pastors and Teachers in place right now. The Holy Spirit will reveal who is His by the anointing on them. 

No Middle Ground
So this wind of change is blowing.  He is blowing in many places and I do not understand everything He is doing. I don’t understand the gold that came into our room.  But I do know when He shows the gold that He is talking about purity.  He is talking about a pure mind – a gold mind.  And so some of the things that He has been doing with us is like in the scriptures – to the pure he shows himself pure.  And in these last days the pure are going to become more pure. 

The righteous are going to become more righteous and the wicked are going to become wicked.  Where we have been straddling the fence between righteousness and wickedness, that fence is gone.  It is like righteousness now or just totally wicked.  So if you have been going through this don’t faint.  For he said, “I am going to pour water on your tares.”  I mean we have got a good harvest coming forth for the fire.  And He is letting the devil water every one of our tares and they are really blooming now - them blooming tares. It is so we will say “No” to them and pick them up and throw them into the fire.  So don’t become discouraged at that. Keep it up, because then what you leave behind is the wheat.  You leave the seeds of life behind. So the more we destroy those tares and when they begin to bloom they are not mature yet. If you pick them up by the roots then, they won’t grow back. 
The Lord has been taking all the old nature root system out of us.  And what He’s going to leave is His nature in us.  And He is after a harvest, that harvest is those who will mature in righteousness.  Those who are coming forth in that pure mind that will be open to the Lord and will be directed by Him.  So this is what He’s doing up here. The wind of God is blowing up here, angels are loosed up here. 

Well, as I said, the three of us were sent into Shreveport we brought these words and we left.  There was another man – Rodney Howard Brown – who was going to another place and was told to go to Shreveport.  He went to Shreveport and mobilized the churches. And they went to the streets and the last that I had heard there were, I think, 59,000 that had prayed the prayer of salvation and made a commitment on the streets. We’re not certain how many of these are genuine but the winds are blowing.  The winds of change are blowing. The youth are becoming used to the spirit world.  They are going to go with the spirit. If the church doesn’t reveal the Holy Spirit, then the New Age and all this other stuff is going to reveal the evil spirit.  There is no middle ground they are going to go one way or the other.  You are all being challenged to come forth and let the Holy Spirit move through your life so you can touch youth without number.  There is coming a harvest like you have never seen before. 

The Three Great Harvests
There are three great harvests that I will see in my time.  The first one is at hand right now.  The first great harvest will be with little “Mom and Pop” churches.  You little churches out there will have such a great harvest that you will be filled to the brims.  A lot of your ministry will be done on the streets.  And youth will be coming in – this is ready to begin now and I really expect a real move of the Holy Spirit this New Years Eve.  God is a god of time too. 

He lives in a place where there is no time, but He is a God of time.  Even in His word He moves every 50 years and it is time we get free.  It is time that we get free from our bondage of sin. It is time that we get a jubilee – set free from all past debts.  One thing the enemy has been accusing me of here lately is of sins that I did before I got saved.  I’m not going to put up with that!  I’ve had enough sins since I got saved to repent of.  But I am not going to go back on either of what I have already repented of. There has been a battle in our minds. Don’t become discouraged of it because it gets the old root system out.  And I believe that we are about ready to come into a new movement. 

I know that for many years I have said that 101 and 102 would be the greatest (Bob is speaking of Psalm 101 and 102 as represent prophetically the years 2001 and 2002.)  These angels that I have seen and some of the prophecies that I have brought, they really established the words that I have spoken by heavenly signs, and literally by earthquakes.  I brought a prophecy, “Mark September 3rd, I said, there is going to be an earthquake in California, watch it, it will tell you something.” Do you know what happened on September 3rd in California?  An earthquake in the wine belt.  There is going to be a shaking in the Holy Spirit.  This Haggai 2:5&6 if you will read that you will find out that shaking is going to happen.  The Holy Spirit is going to shake and pour out the wine.  52, the quake was a 5.2. Mark 52 weeks from September 3rd.  In Nehemiah 6 its says that on the 25th of Elul the walls were finished around Jerusalem after 52 days.  The church is coming together in unity and in prayer.  It will begin to lay a wall, a hedge around the church and instead of killing one another they will become dependent upon one another.  Also the ones who laid that hedge up were “many fathers.” 

So there is going to have to be a lot of Mom and Pop’s bringing their children to lay that hedge up.  For He is going to call different churches to come and work on the wall in different places.  So when they get it together their will be a place where The Church is safe.  Any of these churches out there you need to join with Jesus and the other churches in the movement that He is going to do.  So that you will have enough of you to build a hedge around Jerusalem where you can fill it with youth.  You are not necessarily going to fill it in buildings as much as you will be going into the streets.  So your first harvest is ready to begin. 

After that there will come a second harvest.  And the second harvest will come because the denominations will see what happened in the Mom and Pop churches and they will get jealous.  They will see that they are losing them and the Mom and Pop churches are filling.  So then they will be willing to change and let the Holy Spirit come in.   Then they will begin to fill to the brim.  Then will come the third great harvest that I was told about. I was sent back from death for this third harvest. It was August the 8th, 1975 that I went to be with the Lord and He sent me back.  The third harvest will be a billion souls and that’s what I came back for.

I will see the beginning of the third harvest before I go home. I spoke to the denominations about this third harvest.  Each one of these great harvests was like catching a fish.  In the first harvest I gave the fish to the Mom and Pop churches.  The second harvest I gave it to the denominations and the third harvest was a fish greater than anything I had ever imagined before.  The first harvest will be as big as anything that has ever happened before in the way of an awakening of the souls.  The second harvest will be ten times that. The third harvest will be over a billion souls and I spoke to the denominations and asked them if they wanted this fish and they said they would take only the prime cuts – we’ll take the doctor’s the Lawyers and the millionaires.  But I said to them that they had to take the whole thing, but they did not want the whole thing.  And I asked, “Lord, what are we going to do with that?”  And then youth came from the first harvest and said, “Bob, we’ll clean it.”  That which is getting ready to be saved now will be the leaders of the great harvest and after that I get to go home while you all are out here laboring.  But is not going to be boring from now on.

Once you get the weeds out, look out, you are not going to be bored.  And your not going to be home watching girlie shows on TV either. You are going to be busy.  You are going to be busy cleaning fish. You are going to be busy fishing. Great pressure is coming but you are going to be too busy to get involved in it.  This is the season that we are in and the Lord is looking for some that can exercise their faith to the point that He can use them.  The gold is coming, the feathers are coming, all types of signs.  The feathers came in 72, 73, 74, especially in Pentecostal churches.  We saw them back there and we could never figure out what they meant.  But when they came sometimes they would just float down.  And we knew that the Holy Spirit was trying to show us something, but we could never figure it out.  So then, I think it was 75, I got a vacation from church.  I got to go home and watch football on a Sunday. 

I was thrown out of church in other words.  One morning I was sort of feeling sorry for myself and the Lord spoke to me in dreams and said, “Let’s watch football today. Now here is what is going to happen, this is going to happen and then this is going to happen, and then this is going to happen.  And then I want you to call up a few people and tell them what the score is going to be and how the team you are rooting for is really going to get kicked.”  So I did, and you know the Lord ruined my football games that day.  I knew what was going to happen before it happened and it wasn’t fun. Especially to watch the team you were rooting for get beat. 

So that night He said, “Let’s watch a wildlife program.”  I knew I wouldn’t get in trouble watching that.  While watching this wildlife program I could feel the wind and the Holy Spirit all around me but I couldn’t understand what it meant.  There was this Eskimo out on the ice fishing for seals.  The He said, “Mark the seals.” – Just mark that word.  This Eskimo went out to this breathing hole where the seals come up and if he stood right over the breathing hole the seal would see his shadow there, so he took a feather and he drilled a little hole in the ice and stuck the feather into the ice.  He waited for a long time and he watched the feather.  When the feather vibrated he thrust in the spear. 

So the feather means the breath of God beginning to take us as captives, bringing forth the sealed ones, taking the seal prey. Those who are living sacrifices. Taking their lives so that the church can eat them.   So I began to check the scriptures on seals, the sealed ones that night.  So the feathers, when you see them floating, it means the breath of God is blowing on you, to see if he can take you as a living sacrifice to be used for his son, the Body of Christ’s life.  He is sealing you for His divine purpose.  The feathers in this way mean the Song of Solomon 8:6, “Set me as a seal on your arm.”  What that is really saying is, “seal me for your service Lord.”  Seal me for your service Lord, that living sacrifice. 

I am crucified in Christ, nevertheless I live.  Viola was getting that before we came over here today.  We have had 110 power and it is time we got 220 – that 220 is Gal 2:20.  It has more than 10 times the power of 110.  220 will run something.  The double 220 is Eph 2:20 – Founded on the Holy Spirit’s way. Doing church the Holy Spirit’s way, on the foundation of Apostles and Prophets.  The first thing the seals are taken for is that they are sealed for service.  The second time the seals are take, Romans 4:11, they are sealed unto righteousness by circumcision.  All you women you need circumcised too, right here (Bob pointed to his forehead).  So do you men, all of us need circumcision.  We need to be circumcised of mind. 

When you are circumcised in heart you are really tender to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.  Another sealing is Ephesians 3, sealed for that blessed day of hope.  The hope there is like the hope that tomorrow is going to get here.  It is an absolute hope.  The fourth sealing is 2 Corinthians 1:22, the seal of the Holy Spirit in our hearts. This what the feathers mean and they are coming many places now and He is looking to see if he can breath on you for His eternal purpose. There is life in His breath.  There is death in his breath too.  When He breathes on you, your going to die to your wickedness.  Those tares are going to come out and they are going to burn and righteousness and purity will begin to bloom in your heart and you will come forth on a new level.  There is a promise that is awaiting us right now for the heavens are declaring these things.  It is time we have a new jubilee and we let the Holy Spirit be in charge of the church instead of man.  And he will raise up His men and women to where we aren’t barren any more. 

One of the things he has been speaking every place, but he didn’t tell me to preach it tonight, is Isaiah 54. The Church has been barren like a barren woman.  If you study Isaiah 54 you will see that’s going to turn around.  The barren wife will have children coming from every direction.  We are in a new time, we are in a new season. We are in a new time in the United States.  …

In July of 99 the Lord gave me a prophecy about a Texas politician.  That Texas politician just happened to be God’s choice.  I was living in Florida at that time and a lot of the churches in Florida really debated that.  Does God have favorites on who will be president?  I will tell you that He absolutely does.  In this prophecy I said the world was going to cancel one another out. The vote would be even, like 50 against and 50 for this Texas politician, who ever he is (said tongue in cheek). The Lord didn’t tell me what his name was, but he did tell me he wouldn’t make the mistakes of his daddy (Bob was being humorous).  He said, the Church will make the difference, my church will determine who will be president.  And if they choose to elect this Texas politician, he will be open to bringing prayer back into schools. 

He will also be open to the church.  And all of his sins he will tell out in front to begin with.  He will reverse some of the judgments that are set against the United States – not all of them. And he will bring a change in the United States for 16 years that will make a way for the youth.  There was a part we did not understand it when we brought it July of 99 in Fort Worth Texas. That was to pray for this man after he was elected.  Boy, I understand it now - hindsight is always better.  Then we were told to pray for his staff.  You people up here you really need to begin to pray for his staff.  This vortex that we are talking about up here - - There had to be something up here 50 years ago that could get a hold of God in intercession. 

You had to have people who would get on their knees and not get up until they had heard from God.  This Haggai scripture that I am talking about is people that will not quit until they hear from Him and until He hears them in prayer.  So there is really a calling up here to begin to join together in prayer.  You need to begin to bombard heaven with prayer.  Jubilee means the enemy is going to lose his grip on sin and bondage here.  The Lord got me in here today through the fog and he will get the others in here too.  It is time that you quit playing games and begin to join this army of life.  God is calling you to an army up here and sometimes an army is not located in just one place but different places in an area, but it controls the area.  It is time that you join together and control the area. 

You have the Internet here and it is time that you begin to watch the prophets like me and if what we say isn’t happening then you pitch us.  Begin to judge our fruit.  Begin to hold us accountable for what we say.  It is really important to pray for this next President.  Things could really go in a bad way if it goes the other way.  It is very important right now to also pray for Israel.  But Israel is not presently in as much danger as the United States.  If we get this next President a godly staff in there - - and the news media and everything else is already trying to turn him away from that - - But we need to pray him in one, to where we can begin to have righteousness and family values again.  (Our hope in not in the President but this is a spiritual battle and will be a sign of things to come indicating the direction of this country for the next several years)  The Church doesn’t know what it can do until it gets up off of it’s seat and opens its eyes.  I was actually concerned as to whether the Church was going to vote him in or not.  We vote our conscience.  I am not political. You may not understand this but by not being political I did not feel that I had a right to vote.  I had a right to bring the prophecy but I didn’t feel I had a right to vote.  But those who I spoke to needed to vote their conscience. You know a lot of churches in Florida didn’t vote for Bush.  That sort of bothered me because they had some other things in their conscience that the other side represented and Bush didn’t.  We need to clean the conscience and renew the right spirit in the Church.  We need the fire of God and keep blessing him for the rattlesnakes – that was a cute poem (refers to another speakers poem about how rattlesnake bites turned wicked people to God).  We need to quit fainting when the Holy Spirit pours water on our sins so that we can see them without a doubt. 

(Keith Davis came in at this point)

Bob to Keith – There has been a lot of resistance against us and there has been a lot of resistance against you (Keith and Todd Bentley) getting here.  I want to give you understanding about what you have been having to go through.  But the enemy wasn’t able to keep you from here and he will not be able to keep you from God’s purpose. 

Bob to conference – What he is calling you to is a pure mind.  To a gold mind to where He can turn things around down here and begin to bless.  God is a god that blesses.  And he wants to give the Church a horn-of-plenty (shaped like a vortex).  But he is not going to give it to you for you to spend it on drugs or pleasure or something like that.  He wants to give it to you to where you can give it back and give it back so you can keep going to where you begin to invade the cities.  So what he has been doing with you is to bring you to a place to where you can begin to own your sins and repent of them by saying no to them and burn them up so you can go on with righteousness where the mind becomes clear. 

Keith Davis
Good evening,  after about 24 hours we have finally made it, I think.  Bob, you mentioned Shreveport and one of the things we have been doing is unstopping old wells. Places where seeds of revival have been deposited, many of which have been sitting dormant and some of which have taken a process of germination and the Lord is going to release the water of His Spirit to bring those seeds back into fruition.  Even in some of the places where we have gone, particularly to those who are called to a healing ministry, Ministering spirits...angels that carry with them the power and authority for healing have been left in places that have remained there over decades – three and four decades.  These spirits have been waiting to be released and commissioned with us to do the work of the ministry. And I feel that in the last 6 weeks or so, much of the commissioning that we have been receiving is to go to those places to remove the veils that have prevented the people from seeing the prophetic destiny of their city and of their region.  We have seen the Lord begin to re-release the ministering spirits to help us do the work of the ministry to aid us and to do the work in the process of being power evangelism. 

One of the things that we have enjoyed talking about while coming here was the manifestation of power to draw the people like the casting of a giant net.  Even the Lord Himself, when he walked on the earth, used healing to draw the crowds to get the attention of the people. He used His power to gather the people to Himself and then He began to do and to preach and to teach the kingdom and kingdom life unveiling the mysteries of the kingdom. 

I believe that is exactly what we are to do here.  There have been great deposits that have remained in these areas for a number of years.  One of the things we also talked about was how quickly these things will come to fruition.  In Shreveport we were talking about this very thing and how one angel that was with the Voice of Healing magazine that was dedicated to the recording of the power ministries and tent meetings that took place back in the 50’s.  Gordon Lindsey actually came from this area of the country (Ashland) to Shreveport Louisiana initially to record the miracles that took place in the ministry of William Branham.  They had set the headquarters up in Shreveport and Bob had this word of knowledge that the angel that had been sent there with them was still at the building that the Voice of Healing was housed in back in the 50’s.  After we left town 40 of the men – church leaders of the city – went to this building and began to pray.  It had been abandoned and run down. One of the men who was with them was a guest and knew nothing about the prophecy from Bob or the meetings that had taken place or the prophetic word that had been released. 

When these men began to speak to the spiritual winds and when they began to prophesy to release the ministering spirit that had accompanied the men back in those days they felt this wind blowing on them.  And the man that was the guest looked and saw this angel blowing his wings on these men as they began to release the angel into its calling.  At that moment they looked (and the brother that gave me this report is very reliable pastor and is not prone to exaggeration whatsoever.)  and when that happened they looked on the ground and worms were literally coming up out of the earth and he told me they were not these little bitty fishing worms.  He said these were big earthworms that were literally coming up out of the ground leaving the property. When they saw this there were children with them who were playing over by a ditch and they literally saw this culvert filled with roaches and the roaches were coming out of the culvert leaving the property going across to another property. 

This was a natural sign of how corruption had set in.  Have you ever noticed in the bible how the Land of Promise was occupied by corruption and enemies of God. Once the land has a parenthetical season of discipline,  the enemy comes in to pervert and corrupt the very land that was given to them as a promise.  But the authority is being released right now for people to prophesy to the winds and to speak to the winds to release the destiny that is spoken over individual lives and territories, over regions, and over churches.  The season of judgement for the transgressions of the 50's has come to an end and we are being given another opportunity to carry the healing mantle forward again. 

We are now emerging from an overlap of seasons into a release of power. And I really believe that is a lot of what is going to be taking place here.  Ministering Spirits that have been sent to the earth have been sitting dormantly, and even in some places where corruption had set in along with other signs of dormancy, the anointed spoken word will release these spirits into their purpose. 

When that takes place those corrupt things will have to come out.  That natural sign was a symbol of what took place in the spirit.  Even our election this year is a sign of this very thing.  Some of the words that came about in Florida and how there are gateways in the spirit where there is the release of a divine purpose for an area.  Those gateways were originally ordained and the gatekeepers were righteous.  But over a period of time or season unrighteousness sets in and demonic forces take possession of the gates.  And the Lord has to release his authority to remove the demonic evil gatekeepers and set righteousness in its place and set the watchmen on the wall so that the flow of power can come through the corridor – the gateways of the nation.  And I believe that is what we are talking about here in this region. 

Bob Jones
The gateways in Florida – The three counties that are having all the problems.  In 1995 I brought a word about “Mark June the 6th.  And I said that the heavens would declare it.  There was another truth in it too.  In 1939 these same three counties that has been having all this election problem, they turned a ship back called the Saint Louis – it was full of Jews.  Those Jews were sent back to Germany, the United States refused them. 

They were sent back there and most of them died.  And that gate that set in there then is still a strong gate.  And I believe the reason that gate is still there now is because this has never been repented of.  A brother in Jerusalem named Tom Hess, the Lord has told him to begin to bring the survivors that are left of this down to Fort Lauderdale so the Church down there can ask their forgiveness.  Something similar to this has just taken place in Canada.  And this happened on June the 6th.  They were turned away on June the 6th 1939.  He spoke to me to mark June the 6th when I was up here in the Northwest.  I was up here in Vancouver and it is in the prophecy up there.  And we were told to watch the heavens and what was discovered in the heavens was declared “The Eagle Nebula.”  Well we are talking about the eagles coming forth here.  The intercessors who are praying for these things cannot pray out of their mind. 

The Lord is saying quit praying to Me and come and hear from Me and agree with Me in prayer.  Pray with Me, He is wanting some people who will pray with Him, so we can begin to set areas free.  This place down there in Fort Lauderdale is an area where a demonic forces has a hold.  There will never be a unity there until this is broken. 

The prophecies that Keith and I brought in July of 99 said, it would be like this – 50/50 across the board and that the Church in Florida would make the difference.  But in places that have been defiled the people can’t hear until intercessors begin to join together and build that hedge.  Pray in tongues and talk to Papa and then wait for the Spirit of revelation.  The earth, He has given into our hands. The 115th Psalm and the 16th verse “The heavens belong to Papa”  But the earth He is putting into the hands of the Church.  And when the Church agrees with heaven, what is loosed in heaven is loosed on earth. 

When we hear and agree and we begin to voice it, it’s a proclamation that can’t be stopped.  And when we hear from heaven and agree with heaven on what is bound and we voice that down here then it is bound.  There are some demonic doors that need bound.  And there are some heavenly doors that need opened.  And there have been all kinds of signs since I got here.  And the gold has been coming on the forehead (Bob had gold on his forehead as he spoke this).  It is finished every place but right here (Bob pointed to his forehead).  It is finished with the enemy and the power of the enemy is the power that we give him.  When we pull his thought down he has no power, he is a defeated foe.  We also determine where he is going.  When the Church wakes up, just like we have been saying no to the enemy recently.  When the Church wakes up and says, no that’s it you are not taking me any farther, it is finished.  So one of the things that I thought would end this evening was this Holiness to the Lord.

Keith Davis
I want to share one thing before we do that.  As we were driving in a while ago from Portland there was a tremendous anointing that came into the van when Todd (Bentley) shared a particular Kingdom truth that I believe is a right now word for the beginning of this meeting.  And the word was that there are tremendous prophetic promises that are given for the Church and are given to us as individuals and we cannot sit dormantly by just waiting for the Holy Spirit to all of a sudden let these things blossom in us. 

Just as with Daniel, the enemy will send adversaries that will try to stand as a filter or as a gap between the release of the power of the promise and the kingdom of the earth.  Bob was just touching on that where we have to come into agreement with the Holy Spirit. I believe there are tremendous promises, that not only we know but the enemy knows as well, that are released to you, to the body, and to the area.  The enemy has released demonic forces to withstand – even as the prince of the kingdom of Greece and the prince of Persia were sent to withstand the messenger coming to the prophet Daniel.  So also there are adversaries released here.  That is why we have to come into agreement with the Lord to express in agreement, using the authority He has given to us to speak into the kingdoms. 

We talked about the election, just touching on it and about 10 days ago or 2 weeks ago the Lord spoke to us and said, “Don’t pray about the election anymore - - Prophesy!  The media and all of those outlets were releasing so many demonically inspired lies that we had to begin to speak truth in agreement with the Lord to combat that in the spirit.  That is exactly the thing that is taking place here.  We have to release the truth back into the spirit, no longer asking the Lord to release it.  He said, “OK, I’ve released it.”  Now, use that as an arsenal to bring down every adversary, every enemy, and hindrance that would keep the promise from coming into fruition and being manifested in your life.  Even the things that are ordained for these meetings, I believe the fog is a symbol of resistance that is trying to come against it and we really need to speak against that. Because it is an attempt to keep us from where we have to go.  All we have to do is speak with the authority we have been given to break that.

Let’s pray against that right now.  Lord, we just ask right now that You would release Your Holy Spirit. That You would release the power and the authority of your word. We speak against every demonic opposition. We speak against every adversary that would try to keep us from the promises. We speak against the strongholds that would resist the release of the healing anointing... That would resist the manifestation of the Kingdom of God in the earth. We break the power of it in Jesus Name.  We break every stronghold... every enemy, that would set itself against these meetings.  We declare in Jesus Name that every purpose would be accomplished in these meetings.  We pray that every manifestation of miracle power will come to pass...That every prophetic word will be spoken...That every healing would take place...That only the truth and the Word of God would be prevalent in this place.  We speak against every kingdom that would set itself  against truth...against justice and righteousness.  We declare it to be gone in Jesus name. 

Todd Bentley
I just feel right now that we need to begin to prophesy, even right now about what is going to come in the area of the miracles and in the area of the healing.  We need to speak into the heavenlies. I believe that the Holy Spirit may even just come right now and begin to touch different people in their bodies even as they are in their seats.  I want you to if you can to just stand up, you can stand up in you seats, but I want you to stand up in heaven. And I want to begin to call upon the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit.  I want to set a precedent in heaven right now. That from the beginning of the these services, God’s healing power is going to be manifest in this place.  So I want you right now to begin to call on the power of the Name of Jesus right now.   I want you to begin to invite the presence of the Holy Spirit. I want you to thank Him that He is Jehovah-Rapha. I want you to thank Him right now that He is the Lord your physician.  I want you to thank Him right now for His presence that makes you whole in the name of Jesus.  And we just say in the name of Jesus we take authority over every devil of infirmity. We take authority over every demon of sickness.  We take authority over every devil of disease.  And we stand right now against the oppression in the Spirit of sickness and disease.  And we lay hold of the promise of healing in heaven right now.  We lay hold of the presence of the Holy Spirit for mighty miracles in the name of Jesus.  …

Todd Ministering corporately in the Gift of Healing:
I take authority over every demon of infirmity and I command right now that every spirit of infirmity loose in the name of Jesus.  Right now I command every demon of sickness and we command every devil of disease to begin to loose your hold, to begin to loose your grip in this tent tonight in the name of Jesus.  Let every arthritis come off of every body in the name of Jesus.  Let every chronic fatigue and chronic pain loose in the name of Jesus.  I see several people now damaged in the area of your back; egenerate disks, car accidents, wiplash, many people with scoliosis. I just see the Holy Spirit doing something in the area of the back and your spinal chord…  In the name of Jesus let you neck be loosed, let your shoulder be loosed, let your scoliosis be healed.  I command your spinal chord to begin to straighten out right now in the name of Jesus.  Some of you are going to begin to feel a popping in your back. I can hear it in the spirit right now - a popping in your lower back, pain is coming out of your back, you are feeling a warmth, that popping is a creative miracle of God regenerating the disks in your back.  Your disks have been deteriorated and some of you are even missing some the disks in your back and the Spirit of God is going to begin to recreate and grow disks in your back, even right now in the name of Jesus.  Lord let that anointing come right now. Let the spirit of infirmity let go of every spinal chord and let scoliosis be healed right now.  While you are receiving that bend over and touch your toes. Many of you are going to feel like fire and electricity come on you body right now.  And some of you may just feel the pain leaving your body. 

Healing testimonies:

1.   A lady testified that she felt her back just straighten out.
2.   A lady testified that she had suffered with problems from whiplash since 1996 and   her shoulder popped and she now has mobility that she did not have.
3.   A man testified that painful arthritis in his finger left instantly.
4.   A man who had crushed his back and had steel rods in it was now free of all pain and was able to bend over and reach the area near his shins.
5.   A woman testified that her neck popped and pain from arthritis left and she felt a trembling all over her body. 
6.   A woman testified that she had not been able to move her thumbs for several months because of arthritis pain and now the pain was gone and she could move her thumbs.
7.   A man testified that he had pain in his back from an injury.  During the prayer he felt power go through his back and now the pain is gone and he has more mobility.
8.   A man testified that he now had more mobility in his back and that the pain he had felt was leaving.
9.   A woman testified that she had not been able to move her neck in a quick motion but now she was able to.
10. A man with a cooked spine testified that it was now straight.

Many thanks to Bob Jones and Keith Davis for permission to post this article.

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