by WendyMae

Luke 18:35-43 & Mark 10:46-52

The man they called Messiah lead multitudes they say
Walking amongst the crowds of people Jesus traveled the beggars way

On any other day he’d sit n’ plead from strangers walking by
To him the only pictures seen came from all things but his eyes

A simple, poor, and lowly beggar cast down by all he knew
Yet today was unlike any other, for the Christ would journey through

Within his ears the roaring sounds of voices ignited his heart
For he knew the One who healed all diseases would not leave him apart

“How could a mere man be the Son of God,” people questioned still?
Nonetheless this beggar could not doubt his ears, his heart, his will

For within his soul a voice rose up shouting through his fear
As he heard the words the people cried, “Look, the Teacher is finally here!”

“Son of David,” the beggar yelled, “please shed your mercy on me
I only ask with my whole heart that you would let me see!”

Those who stood around him rebuked his call for sight
“Stop bothering the Rabbi,” but he shouted with all his might.

Amidst the roaring of the crowd Jesus heard and turned His head
“Cheer up blind man, get on your feet, He calls to you,” they said.

Leaving cloak and all he owned people led him to the Lord
The mighty Prophet spoke some words and at once his spirit soared.

“What is it I can do for you,” penetrated through his ears?
“Son of David, I want to see,” he replied as his eyes filled with tears.

With a heart of compassion and kindness, with a love so true
Jesus declared, “receive your sight your faith has healed you!”

A blinding light encompassed him filling his whole soul
Thus, he shared the beauty he beheld when the Healer made him whole.

Shouts of praise and glory rose from all who now stood by
“Truly this is the Son of God,” the lost man now saved could cry!

So, proclaim the news to all men, to everyone who believes
A man once blind to God’s light and love now has the eyes to see!!!

Copyright 2014