—a vision—

The Lord took me to one of His favorite places today. His bed chambers.

I did not notice many details, only that He was with me and it was peaceful and beautiful. I didn't even really see Him closely, but I asked Him to show me His heart and tell me His joys and share with me His sufferings. He sat down on an open canopy bed with beautiful lace resting upon layers of linen of deep shades of red and purple. There, He opened His book to me and showed me some of the things He has desired for His people. (I understood the book to be the one He was talking about choosing between, His book, or the book of self indulgence.) I knew that He was showing me the intimate things in His heart. Even though I didn't hear actual thoughts and words, I could feel His heart and His joy as He expressed them to me. When He was finished all I wanted to do was dance and sing praises before Him. As I stood and worshiped Him, He just sat on the bed and watched intently, bursting with desire for the Day that He will watch His fully matured bride before Him in perfect splendor and grace.

After some time passed, I noticed the wedding gown of the Bride of Christ set up on a dress model, waiting for Gods' people to fill its form. He then handed me some of the portions to it, the veil, the train, and some of the lace, but the body of it stayed where it was, visibly seen by the tailor, our Bridegroom. He was showing it to me with even more excitement and longing in His heart then when He shared His book with me. Jesus then started cleaning the dress, removing the spots, and wiping all the wrinkles out of it with His hands of mercy and faithfulness. He was preparing it to its perfect form with gentleness, being precise as not to tear or damage it. He continued with His equipping of the dress for His bride, admiring the dress as He worked, and looking upon it as if it were already the way He wanted it to be.

As our tailor, He knows exactly what He has to do before He can present the wedding gown to His bride, the church of Christ, with complete satisfaction and fulfillment.

Come Lord Jesus and restore Your Bride unto Yourself!

Copyright 2014