by Rick Joyner
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Reviewed by Sarah Kourkoulis

Written by Rick Joyner, this book is actually a collection of visions and dreams that the author received throughout 1995. It depicts a massive battle between the army of hell and the army of the Lord, as well as the judgment seat of Christ. Through all of this, we see everything as Rick himself saw it, and we hear what was going on in his heart and mind during each revelation and experience along the way.

The book begins with an introduction in which Rick explains how he had these visions and dreams, and the Scriptural basis of prophetic experiences. He also makes it clear that he does not consider himself infallible, and that only the Scriptures can establish doctrine. This does not negate the message that he brings however: a clear call to fight the enemy, arm ourselves with the truth of the Lord, and to completely spend ourselves in pursuing intimacy with Jesus.

In Part 1 of the Final Quest, the vision is of the hordes of Hell marching against the army of the Lord. Both armies were shown to Rick, as well as the specific strategy of the enemy. In Part II, the army of the Lord ascends His holy mountain, while still being attacked by the army of the Accuser of the Brethren. Different levels are shown, with the warriors growing in maturity and wisdom. Part III tells of Rick’s journey into the heart of the mountain itself, where the treasures of heaven are held. Here, Rick tastes of the truths of the kingdom, as well as the pain that Jesus experienced at the crucifixion. He also sees the door to the Judgment Seat of Christ, and in Part IV, he enters the door and begins his long walk to the throne of God. During this walk, he meets many who belong to the group called “the foolish virgins,” those who knew the Lord, but did not really live for him. He realizes that those that were great on earth are among the least of the kingdom of heaven, and includes himself in that number as he sees his own sin and shortcomings. He also sees the Lord on His throne, and calls out for grace, knowing that the throne of judgment and the throne of grace are the same. In the final part of this book, Rick sees the apostle Paul, who encourages him to lay his foundation on Jesus and ONLY Jesus. Then he meets one who has been greatly honored in heaven, but who was treated with scorn by nearly everyone while on earth. The Lord then challenges Rick to walk in compassion, subject to the Holy Spirit, fighting the battle under the banner of love.

In reading this book, be prepared to have your heart touched, both with conviction and with grace. Because of Rick’s humility in presenting these visions, we see his sins and shortcomings which so often mirrors our own. It challenges me every time I read it—to lay down my life and stop being so self-centered in everything I do. There is simply so much that I see, that it builds the fire within my heart to not ever stop pursuing the Lord, no matter what it costs me.

I highly recommend reading this book.

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