by John Maniatty

A strong young man stood straight and tall
A pillar, bearing burdens of one and all
Then darkness fell and he groped to find
Weaknesses hidden in the corners of his mind

The days grew long, the nights grew short
A quitter he wasn’t, he couldn’t abort
He stooped lower and lower with each passing day
Finally to realize–’twas simply the price he must pay

For the cry of his heart had been heard on high
To follow in the footsteps of the One who said die
As he slumped to the ground worthy of ruin
He found Life in the trial his Father had been brewin’

As the new day dawned, where the pilar had stood
A man was arising, saying, “God, you're so good”
From a pillar of wood, bowed low in despair
Arose a column of granite, with gold in his hair

The journey seemed long, and yet longer still
But Faith has been born, that shouts of His will
The Joy is returning, with tenderness new
That He has reserved for a chosen few

Who bow low on the pathway that He has ordained
With a heart that is Joyous, not one that is pained
A song in their spirits, of Glory to the King
Awaiting the Marriage they Joyously sing!

Copyright 2014