by Janice Ward

As I was with the Lord this morning I saw a vision of a goldsmith’s operation set up in John’s living room. There were many people there but their faces were some how unclear. It seemed like all the ones that have come on Saturday nights, the youth, the minstrels, and the many others that have been faithful to come but I knew them in the spirit not by their faces.

I did see my husband Roy at the open door of a large furnace about where the minstrels sit and he held in his hand a long handled tool with a cup on the end that held liquid gold, Bob Kirk was on the other side working the furnace to keep the fire hot enough. I saw the glow of the fire, the sweat dripping off everyone from the intense heat, the black dust and gold metal filings on the people, it was very hard work. It was also very loud with voices calling out things to be done, the sound of the roaring furnace and the clanging of metal. We were all there doing many tasks that were hard for me to see but we all had a part in the operation of forging swords out of metal.

As all this was going on I observed the top of the roof and watched as two angels seemed to be practicing dueling with their swords, there was a great many of them everywhere on the property doing this sort of practice. All except the large angels out front. They were more intensely watching than ever I have seen them. They were and are looking very far into the distance.

Then in the next moment everything seemed to stop, the sounds, the workers, the angels, everything stopped, I heard someone say who was standing beside me, “Don't be distracted, don't let the fire go out.” The pace seemed to slow and we all watched the furnace to make sure the fire did not go out.

I was reminded of the song my daughter Emily sang last night in home fellowship about His great love. Some of the words were:

When He pours out His love, it lights the fire,
The people will not be able to say
Where is your God,
For all will see Him.

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