by Melody Green and David Hazard
©1989 The Sparrow Corporation
Reviewed by: WendyMae

I first heard of Keith Green through his music. The anointing in the music always inspired me to know more of who Jesus was and taste what Keith had experienced with Him. So when I found out that there was a book about his life I was eager to read it. No Compromise, written by his wife Melody, allowed me the opportunity to know one of my spiritual forefathers. I found out much more than I expected through Melody’s perspective on her husband’s life.

It all started for Keith through a deep yearning for an inner peace to fill his soul. He had grown up soul searching, looking for something “spiritual.” When he met his future wife Melody, they searched together, finding dreams without answers. They tried just about everything out there from “drugs and the mystical,” to “brotherhood and Jesus Freaks.” No Compromise tells of Keith’s struggles to quit drugs, and the problems of unsatisfying religions of all kinds. He had bad experience after bad experience. Jesus was the only answer left that hadn’t failed him yet and so he asked Christ into his heart. Once Keith had made this choice it didn’t matter what it took he would follow through with his word and commitments.

Music was a major piece and desire of Keith’s whole life, so most of what he did revolved around that. He started in the secular music industry and then moved to the Christian industry. Keith longed to let everyone he knew and those he didn’t know hear and experience what he had found in Jesus Christ. As he wrote music and lyrics, played for tens and for thousands, he was being used mightily and powerfully by the Lord. Passion, Truth, and the message of “no compromise” rang strongly through both his words and music. Both grew rapidly as his love and desire for the Lord grew and developed—yet, Keith never settled for where he was at, he pressed on for more and more of Christ.

As Keith met and gave his life to Jesus Christ this message rang strong and true through both his music and voice to both Christians and non-Christians. He poured out his heart to the lost, giving them an answer to many of the same questions that he struggled with in looking for that missing piece he found in Jesus. He also challenged many of those in religion to not settle for anything but dying to thier own desires and giving it all to Christ. There wasn’t another answer for Keith. It was either no compromise or it wasn’t real.

Keith’s abandonment to the Father moved Keith so much that he went to the point of laying his music on the “altar of sacrifice” to the Lord. He learned that he needed Christ to be everything and for him to be nothing in order to let Jesus glorify Himself through Keith. He wrote in his journal, “I want to be God’s voice, full of love, mercy and fire! But I must be dead!” Keith was satisfied with Jesus Christ, serving his best friend. It amazed me how much more meaning the songs Keith wrote took on and went into my heart once I learned the circumstances around which they were written.

Even through much of this Keith, like many people today, searched his heart and the Lord’s to find the true meaning of life. It wasn’t until the last part of his life that he finally believed he knew what the Lord wanted to do through him and had great vision for the lost and dying. The more Keith gave up of himself, dying daily, Jesus was allowed free access through him. His vision to preach the good news to the world became much clearer. The Father laid it on Keith’s heart, as well as a few of his friends’ and co-laborers’, to start Last Days Ministries. This new direction satisfied all that was in Keith’s heart and all that he had yearned for in serving Jesus. Yet, little did he know that the Lord was calling him home, having fulfilled the Lord’s purpose in and through him. Nearing some of the last things he wrote in his journal he said:

“We have so much to be grateful for. The only thing we need is a closer walk with God. We have everything else a Christian couple could ever want...”

Through the Lord’s faithfulness in Keith’s life He didn’t let things stop once the vision was taken to heart. Through the help of Keith’s wife Melody the Lord blessed Last Days Ministries and their music, their tapes, their tracts, etc. continue today to touch many people’s hearts and lives with the love of the Lord.

All Keith wanted was a life of pure devotion without compromise of faith or love for Jesus and I believe that he reached his goal. No Compromise will stir your insides, as it did mine, in such a way as to make you cry out to the Lord to search your heart and see if there be any offensive way within you (Psalm 139:23,24). It will cause you to reexamine your love relationship and devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ. It will also move over your spirit with a fresh breath of faith and hope to continue on in your pursuit of the Father.

Whether you’ve heard this powerful message of “no compromise” through Keith’s music or not, you will get an appetizing taste of it in the message of his life, through No Compromise.

Thank you Keith, for your passion, for your courage and encouragement, and for fighting the fight, finishing the course, and keeping the faith!

For the first time in months, I awoke with peace–Real Peace. I can seek the Lord now, for an angel from God has come to minister to me. I love God so much, my heart overflows with quiet, gentle joy my eyes water with tears for the peace in my soul. My faith is refreshed. My desire to commune with God and intercede for souls is renewed with power! My thirst for God’s word has greatly increased. The prison doors have swung open of themselves. The shackles have fallen off tothe ground My heart is bursting with joy and hope! Oh! I can hope again...Thank you for helping me hang on! Keith Green, July 2, 1979

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