In the early days of Jubilee Christian Fellowship, God had put it in our hearts to be servants. We did not always know where to begin but God had put the desire in our hearts and He also provided the opportunity to serve.

We live in a small Vermont town and the local school budget is often times restrictive. Due to the limited funds the kindergarten had gone without a playground. This particular year one of the children came home from school and told her parents how there was no playground equipment to play on at recess. Here was the chance to serve, but what did we know about building playgrounds? The more we got involved the more we witnessed God’s provision. Sometimes His provision was a skill learned years earlier and never seen as the Lord’s preparation for a future service until that need presented itself.

The greatest provision we experienced was the love that God puts in our hearts. One day as we were at the playground working and having a great time a local man came by for a walk. He watched us for awhile and then came over to ask what was going on. The next thing we know here he comes on a bucket loader to help us! This man is still involved in one way or another serving the community. We had many experiences similar to this: the local lumber company loaned us a trailer to travel to Pennslyvania and pick up a playgroud set we had purchased. They also made and donated some picnic tables for the children, an oil company contributed to the project. Most of all, the Lord Jesus provided everything we needed to show forth the Love of Jesus to these young children. Eternity will record the effect on the lives of all the children who have benefited from His Love.

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