by r. c. kirk

A couple of years ago, while I was worshiping among a group of believers, I heard the Lord speak to my heart. He said, “Are you ready to take your place?” As I heard this, I began to weep. The Lord said it to me again, “Are you ready to take your place?” Again I began to weep at hearing the question and the voice of the Lord. He spoke this question to me a third time and as I continued to weep I saw with the eyes of my heart, a wooden stool. It was just a simple, single, wooden stool with Light washing over it. I knew immediately that this stool was the place He wanted me to sit, with my guitar in hand, to continually pour out my heart in worship to Him. I knew it was a place right at His feet, before His throne. I found myself weeping with great sorrow and great joy: sorrow because I had neglected sitting in this place, but great joy because He had made a place for me in His very presence. I answered with all of my heart—yes, I am ready to take my place!

I believe the Lord has made a special place for each of us right at His feet—in His very presence. It is a place of intimacy and worship that we can all experience. It is the place where we pour out our hearts to Him and He pours His life into us. We all must find that place if we want to have the life of Christ to give to others.

Copyright 2014