Matthew 7:25, Revelation 3:18, Hebrews 12:29,
Psalm 69:15, Matthew 24:31
The Lord showed me a large group of people following Jesus from a distance, across a large desert. He was ahead of them, leading the way, and the people were hard pressed to get where He was. They weren’t pushing and shoving each other to get ahead, each one was simply in the mass of people with their eyes fixed upon the Lord. I could sense the barreness of the desert, but it was not life threatening as long as they stayed on the path that Jesus was taking them through. This path was not one that was seen with the natural eyes, but the direction to take was very clear as He led the way.
Along the journey, the Lord Jesus brought them through three trials, or stages. The first of these was a sand storm. I saw the body walking along when the winds began to pick up and the dust started to gather around them. The winds grew very intense and caused some of the people to lose their ground and get consumed in the storm. These became lost as the rest of the group pressed through to find Jesus on the other side. The people pressing through could see Him dimly through the sand and wind if they didn’t let fear distract them from where they were going: there was nothing to fear from the storm if their hearts were focused on the Lord of Peace.
Once the throng of people cleared the storm they could see Jesus clearly again, ahead of them, continuing to walk and turning to look and urge them on. As He pressed on through the desert, so did the people after Him. But they never actually caught up to Him-He continued to stay ahead of them so that they would have to pursue Him. However, like a loving father He didn’t leave His people to starve and die in the desert. I could see Jesus dropping things behind Him as He walked the desert places between each of the trials. I asked Him what these things were because the people were gratefully gathering them and keeping them even though I could not actually see them in their hands or in their pockets. It was as if their spirits consumed them and it brought satisfaction to their souls. Sadly, some of the people paid no attention to these ‘droppings’ from the Lord and therefore ran out of energy along the way, becoming spiritually empty. These were not able to keep up while those who pressed on came to the next trial.
Before them lay a great mass of water, and it looked like it stretched across for miles. Jesus walked right through the water without changing His pace and and the people followed Him up to the edge. It was a deep, rushing body of water, not like a river, but like an ocean during a sea storm. Jesus went through quickly and was waiting for them on the other side. Seeing this stirred their faith, so the people eargerly started to follow, being swept away in the water. However, they did not go in the wrong direction but only towards Him. There were others who failed to enter the water, deciding to wait until the storm calmed down because they lacked the strength they needed to cross it. These were ultimately left without any direction or path to follow. When the rest of the group started to come out of the water and their feet began to stand on firm ground, I could see the water running off their clothes back into the ocean, cleansing them of the sand and dirt that had built up on their garments from the journey. Now they were much freer in their ability to follow Jesus, not being weighed down. Even the simple clothes on their backs felt light as feathers.
This people, though smaller in number now, once again continued to press on after Jesus, who persisted in urging them to follow Him through the desert. I could tell that the desire of their hearts was growing stronger. As long as they gathered up unto themselves what the Lord left behind, they had all they needed to follow Him. Now Jesus led them to their third and final trial.
I saw a towering wall of fire rising up before them. It looked like it consumed everything that ventured near it and was bright in colors of red and yellow. But this was not a fearful sight to those who had their hearts set on their Lord. They watched as Jesus walked directly through the fire and turned back to look with a loving and peaceful face toward the people who longed to be where He was. It was with strong determination that they continued to follow, knowing that He would take care of them. Without fear and with eyes fixed upon the Lord, they just walked right through the flames until they reached the other side.
Once again, there were some people who were consumed by their fear because they had taken their eyes off the Lord. They were holding their arms in front of their faces to shield themselves from the flames while trying to turn away from the fire. But those who were victorious through the flames emerged on the other side, this time with some of the radiance of Jesus Himself. The flames had consumed all that was in their hearts except for the love of the Lord.
As they came out into the open, the Lord left them sparkling stones along the ground. (It was here that the Lord told me what He had been leaving behind.) I could feel the people being filled like vessels to the brim with precious gems and stones of great worth and importance. As this was happening, I saw Jesus begin to run ahead of them and turn to wave them along. These people, now much less in number, picked up their pace and ran after Jesus. They wanted to get to Him so badly that everything else around them became out of focus. And then I saw the Lord start to run faster, yet turning and drawing them to follow. Now the people ran with all that was in them, with all their strength, after their bridegroom. It was then that Jesus changed in appearance. He had a flowing gown of pure and radiant white light and as I looked at the people they formed into one tight group, becoming one individual. Before me was a beautiful and glorious bride, a precious vessel of gold and beauty, running with all that was in her heart towards the one that she loved and longed for, our one and only true King and Lord of All, forever and ever in eternity. Amen!!

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