by David Wilkerson
©1998 Wilkerson Trust Publications
Reviewed by: Lisa Kirk

America is presently “enjoying unprecedented prosperity…most Americans are facing the future with high expectations…as a whole, the nation is riding a wave of prosperity.”

Brother Dave, as he refers to himself, has not seen a vision or had a dream, though he believes that those are biblically sound. He does not profess to be a prophet, but I see him as brother whose heart aches to tell America that God is not going to wait much longer before He begins to judge her sin. He is sounding the trumpet as a watchman to all who will listen that “America stands at the brink of an economic and social collapse.” He calls the reader to repent and to get his/her heart right while there is still time. He admits that it is not an easy message to hear even for himself, but especially for those who are enjoying their prosperity. However, the present prosperity in America is not all it seems to be.

This book is a message to all Americans: America is sinking into a sea of immorality and hatred toward God. According to the author, never before in America’s history has there been so much wickedness as there is right now in our country. My heart was stirred as Brother Dave told of how our morals in America are decaying. We hate the mention of God in our schools and public places. Violence is rampant in our streets and our schools are unsafe. Abortion continues to kill millions of our babies and pornography now inflitrates our homes by way of the internet. How do American’s feel about the immorality of our President? They don’t care about his character, they only care that America is prospering! Immorality continues to grow and worsen. These are only a few signs of the decline of America’s morals! So, why is God blessing America with prosperity?

Brother Dave believes that the blessing of prosperity in America is God’s mercy on America! God is pouring out His mercy as one last call to the American people. America is not exempt from God’s judgement because she was founded as a Christian nation. Nor is America exempt because there are so many praying Christians in this country. There needs to be an awakening of the heart of the American people. God is after our hearts!

This is also a message to the church, His Bride, to wake up. “The upheaval that’s coming to America is not meant as judgement on the church—but as a purging of the church!” The scriptures tell us that God is coming for a Bride without spot or wrinkle. He chastens all of his children, whom He loves. There is a call to Christians to repent. I did and I am glad! Reading this book caused me to examine my heart. I saw how I had been lulled to sleep over the constant barage of hearing about the immorality of our day. I had heard so much for so long, I found that I had begun to get used to it. Reading about the immorality and hearing the heart of our brother concerning God’s judgement, opened my eyes and caused me to repent and awaken from my sleep. God is stepping in and saying “No—I won’t let the enemy have you!” God is after our hearts!

I appreciate the way Brother Dave writes. It’s as if he is sitting right next to you talking to you. It was obvious to me that he is a Bible scholar with a shepherd’s heart. He quotes scripture throughout the book and after every one he explains it again, simply and in his own words. I need simple! There is quite a history lesson between these pages. I love history!

With this message of the coming judgement on our country, I was filled with hope for the future. There will be sacrifice and suffering for us, but God is Hope and He will keep His people through the coming crash. God speaks to those He knows and loves. Brother Dave’s message is clear, simple and to the point. You can read it in an hour or you can chew on it for weeks. But I say, however long it takes, listen to the Spirit and let God change your heart through it! God is after your heart! BACK_TO_TOP