by Calvin Miller
Reviewed by: Emily Susan Ward

The Singer Trilogy by Calvin Miller is an amazing analogy of the New Testament written in soul peircing poetry. The author uses a man called the Singer to portray Jesus Christ. The World Hater is Satan, and the FatherSpirit is the Lord God. This inspiring trilogy brings a different prespective into the life and works of Jesus and the apostles.

In the first book, The Singer, we meet the Singer Himself as a man. We follow Him through His encounters with a decieved woman, a mad man and a lame child. Throughout the book He begs the people of the earth to stop listening to the mindless piping of the World Hater and begin to sing the Song of Love, for unless they sing the Song they cannot cheat the Canyon of the Damned. Though He is eventually sentenced to death, we see Him rise again in triumph and glory to sit at the right hand of the FatherSpirit.

In the second book, The Song, we begin to see the establishment of the Early Church. We watch as a new believer and an old apostle team up to begin spreading the Song throughout the huge city of Urbis. With the help of the World Hater, the king of that city launches an all out persecution and slaughter of the Singers. Things appear to get pretty bad, but through it all, the Singers continue to believe that the promises of the FatherSpirit and His Singer remain true.

The third book, The Finale, is a representation of the book of Revelation and the returning of the Singer. The End Times unfold and terror reigns as the World Hater, called the Prince of Mirrors, begins to twist the words of the Singer to fit a new age religon. The true believers refuse to give in and attempts are made to destroy them, but the Singer returns in triumph to vanquish His enemy and reward His faithful ones.

This book is a beautiful illustration of the love that God and His Son reigns down on us. The poetry that Calvin Miller uses is extremely expressive and heartfelt. I felt both conviction and mercy as I read it, and since that time I have read it more than ten times. I highly recommend reading this book to anyone with a heart to see the Lord’s faithfulness and love.