by Eric Kirk

Jeremiah 29:13

Lusting away on my worldly views,
I'm chained forever to these religious pews.
Trying to find something to fill this emptiness,
I’m groping in the dark making each step a lucky guess.

And that’s when I take a larger stride,
but then I find myself sleeping with arrogance or pride.
Wishing I had a lantern, a match, or some source of light,
I’m beginning to think I’ve just lost my eye sight.

I search for “the something” that can fill my heart,
Looking for a river to wash this coal mine apart.
My attempts to this imperative desire,
Has lead to nothing but ashes to an old despondent fire.

Despite the mirages that I think I see,
I search with all of my heart…and what’s left of me.
Suddenly I see a gust of light or what may be a sun ray,
Like the world was turning quickly from night to day.

And the power from it overflowed inside to out,
I stood in awe yet in confusion, wondering what this is all about.
I felt my chains fall loose, but what has set me free?
It was then I heard a voice call out ever so gently...

“You have sought for your missing part,
You have searched for a fulfillment with all of your heart.
And you have found your Satisfaction and Love,
I Am your Faithful Father and the Holy One from above!”