by Emily Susan Ward

It’s easy to live in a world
Where you aren’t required to see
The true nature of the heart of man
When your eyes are blinded early

Yet there comes a time when we face
The overwhelming and inevitable disgrace
This is where we must fall and say
There is but One and He alone can heal me

Our eyes are opened to a song and dance
That lights the footsteps to the throne
Of One who gave us the swirling grace
That falls as His glory is shone

It’s now long past that fateful day
When I called upon the Spirit of Life
To come and fill my blackest night
And now I find myself fallen low

The eyes He uncovered when I came alive
I have hidden with leaden lids
The glory beheld before Your throne
Has slowly dimmed as I turn my face

I’ve fallen into a chasm, pressed against walls
Each is a choice, each has it’s own door
I’ve found my struggle against my flesh
Is stronger than my heart can bear

As I hover somewhere between the choice
To move forward into grace or fall
I ask that you would take my hand
And kiss my face with the truth

I have come to realize in my struggle
That I have striven to attain for myself
The Hope and Life You alone can give
So I fall on Your blood and ask for help to Live