by Sarah Kourkoulis

The Prince wore his heart on his sleeve.
Those he loved, he devoted his life to.
His father, his country, his God.

The Singer dwelt nameless of fame,
With the memory of a promise
Spoken long ago by the seer.

When the Singer bested his third enemy,
The two met for the first time.
Never had there been two so one.

The Prince saw light, and beauty,
Life, passion, and joy
Beat in the heart of the Singer.

He recognized it as true
And in his sweet simple way
He loved the boy-man.

The Singer found support and hope,
Safety from a tyrant enemy,
And a courage not unlike his own.

Their paths came together
United in purpose, strengthened by love.
Soon, torn by loyalty.

When the time came to choose
The Prince went with right
Though the pain was greater than death.

The parting was for life
Though neither wished it.
They wept, but the Singer wept the more.

Good bye is the last request of
A dying man that we not forget him.
In his last request, the Prince saved his son.

Though they never saw the other’s face again
This side of Heaven’s door,
One soul dwelt in two bodies.

Word came on the heels of evil to
Where the Singer hid from death.
The fair Prince had fallen in battle.

Agony beat ‘longside lonely
As ‘fare thee well’ rang in his ears.
Love, thy name was Jonathan.