by Sarah Kourkoulis

From the darkness, they say don’t look back
But the past is all I can see.
The path straight ahead is black as coal
No hope in that can there be.

My feet are heavy now with sorrow.
My heart can’t take more of this pain.
I need a light that can guide me.
Does it mean I have to trust you again?

‘Cause I remember the last time I did.
It hurt like hell to say good-bye.
You said you’d heal me if I would just stay
Right next to you, close to your side.

Broken pieces of me lay on the road
And I rushed to gather them all.
I think I left a few there on the shoulder
Because I see a few chinks in my wall.

I’ve run too long in my darkness
I’ve lost too much of myself
Somewhere in this mess I’ve created
I need to know an easy way out.

The refrain has run through my head now
For so long that it’s all that I hear.
I keep thinking this shouldn’t have happened
What was your point in those tears?

Finally in exhaustion I fall again.
And this time I will not get up.
I’ve been running too long in my darkness.
I’ve lost too much of myself.

Each breath is harder than the last now,
My hands lift up in a final plea,
“Oh God, please come quickly and save me.”
What exactly did I expect to see?

Into my blackness comes pure light
And into my heart comes your love
The fear that consumed me is gone now
Your voice has called me Beloved.

Those scars that had once distorted me
I find by you traced in gold
Those pieces I’d dropped by the road there
I see in your hands they are whole

Why did I run so far from you?
Where did I think I could go?
For never once in my life did you leave me.
And not once did you cause me to fall.