by Grace Elizabeth Maniatty

Running, but in what direction?
Longing for the Truth, but where?
Seeking for Him, but blind.
Trying your best, but falling so short.

Searching, only in the dark.
Grasping, only thin air.
Needing, just one touch from Jesus.
Finding, peace in the eye of the storm.

Whirling faster in the wind.
Gazing on Jesus makes things stop their spin.
Turmoil inside, plowing chasms in the soil.
Making ready the ground for growing.

Spring rains come again.
Falling gently, soothing the confusion.
Water penetrating deep within your soul.
Healing water, living water.

Fields lately in the winter, frozen.
Burst forth in blossom once again.
Sun shining brightly down, warming.
Soaking, steeping in the Sonshine.

Remembering the times of not knowing.
Unsure of when the spring would come.
Reveling in the beauty of it all.
Basking in the presence of the One you love.

Wrapped in His embrace, oh so tenderly.
Fading memories of yesterday,
Replaced with a glimpse of eternity,
Because His love endures forever!