by WendyMae

A roar of mockery, betrayal and weeping cascaded one so innocent as a diverse mix of people gathered to observe this man, this cross.
Many were there to condemn, others out of intrigue or wonder, while still a chosen few were there for love.
Despite the motives, all eyes were fixed as the One called the King of the Jews was raised in final condemnation.

With a weakened form mid-day turned to night as a thick darkness encroached upon what now was a hopeless scene to the hopeful.
The faint rumble of a distant storm echoed across the valley of the skull like wave after wave of a tempest sea.
With it, clouds of black beauty and billowing power rolled ever closer to envelope both those who judged and would be judged all the same.

This carpenter began to cry out as a silent hush moved across the violent clamor of the crowd
Speaking His last words, His face full toward heaven said, “It is finished!
Father into Thy hands I commit my spirit.”
A blood drenched face from the thorns pressed into His head fell to His chest as an already limp body gave up His last breath.

A sudden glorious explosion of light so bright and full amidst the darkness encompassed the Savior with heaven itself
Following the light was its voice which broke through the dulling silence with a thunderous cry of the agony of the Creator
Joining the rage of the sky an unseen power began to move all of creation, old and new, shaking the heart’s and soul’s of men.

Face to face with the fear of God or the fear of death, men and women alike fell to their knees and clung to the earth.
All they knew that was real and secure was being blown to and fro with gusts of a torrential wind splitting rocks and raising the dead
Where once stood a centurion drunk with power, now melted a man sobered by the fear of believing Who and what he now observed.

Little could they understand, the very finger of God was transforming the traditions of old opening The Way for the new.
It was a change so vast and Holy that it secured access for all peoples into the temple of the Most High, the very throne of God.
Yet, more mysteries arose in the midst of the darkness and death that still hovered the Messiah’s lifeless body.

Those who now remained were graced with a sight never before nor never again seen, as life still flowed through death.
As a soldier pierced the flesh of Jesus’ side blood and water was released flowing down His legs and His thigh.
And, as it made its journey down the rough and rugged surface of the cross it reached out to the earth below.

An abundant flow was soaked in and drunk up by the very earth which first gave birth to man, life now buried in death.
Even though His soul wasn’t given over to the power of Hades, or His body to remain in the ground,
A seed was planted with pure blood and water that’s life would never end, but would grow into a harvest for all generations to partake.

“Truly, truly, I say to you
unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies,
it remains by itself alone;
but if it dies, it bears much fruit.”
John 12:24